Ed Reed

Ed Reed had $50,000 stolen out of his car. Reed was in Houston when he made the large withdrawal and right after the withdrawal he drove to another bank to make another transaction. It was at this time Reed’s vehicle was broken into (his passenger window was shattered) and the $50,000 and the bag it was in was taken out of the car.
Not much of a sports story I understand but what in the world is he doing with $50,000 in straight cash homie? The next Ed Reed story I would like to break is if he is playing next season and with what team he’s joining. The aging safety is coming off of in my opinion his worse season that saw him being cut by the Houston Texans and signing with the loud mouth hard hitting Jets.
He signed with the Jets even after all signs pointed to him going to the New England Patriots but he stated that he “didn’t want to learn a difficult system ” which is understanding especially mid season but now with a full off season available to him I could see that as a possibility. Is this where I start the public out cry for Ed Reed as a Patriot?

Brendan Nadeau /baseball and football contributor
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Sunday’s X Factors

With this Sunday’s AFC Championship being marketed as yet another Brady / Manning classic. While they may in fact be the most prominent names on the field Sunday that is not exactly a “matchup” that will change the face of the game considering neither QB will line up on defense for their respective teams.
Aquib Talib / Demarius Thomas :
This will undoubtedly be the most talked about 1:1 matchup this week. Talib has done a terrific job shutting down opposing teams #1 weapon (see Jimmy Graham stats vs Patriots for your best example). Talib is playing on a one year contract and is looking to cash in this off season and this could be the make or break game for him and the make or break matchup of the game. Thomas is one of the best weapons in the league and most physical gifted receiver on the Broncos roster and will give Aquib a run for his money and test that hip that has hampered him for most of the season.

Jamie Collins / Julius Thomas :
This matchup may not be as talked about but could in fact change the face of this AFC Championship game one way or another. When the Patriots / Broncos faced off in week 12 Julius Thomas did not play and Jacob Tamme was able to be effective against the Patriots. With Jamie Collins inserting himself into the defense in the absence of Brandon Spikes he will undoubtedly see significant time covering Julius Thomas as he is the best coverage LB on the roster. Last week may have been Collins’ coming out party but the Patriots will need another big game to beat Denver.

Legarette Blount / Broncos rush Defense :
Alot has been said about the Broncos and their “#7 ranked rush defense”. Statistics may very well be misleading in this category as I will bring up the Broncos have had the lead in many of their games forcing their opponents to throw the ball instead of running it. The one game that I constantly think about regarding the Broncos rush defense is the game vs the Chargers when Ryan Matthews was able to have a terrific day rushing the ball helping his team beat the Broncos. If the Patriots can slow down the fast paced Broncos attack and force the pace a hot Legarette Blount may be the last thing the Broncos see this season as he has had his way the past 3 games this year.

A Tale Of Two Halves.

The New England Patriots are heading to Denver as they prepare for their head to head play off match up against the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos. The Patriots are playing the new but familiar role of the under-dogs in the match up being compared to former under-dog team the 2001 Patriots who ultimately went on to win a Superbowl that season.

The sports world pouring out headlines as the two legendary quarterbacks are set to square off Sunday for not only a trip to the Superbowl but potentially the last time these hall of fame quarterbacks may meet in the post-season.


Both teams bring different legacies to the line. The Patriots are playing for a trip to the Superbowl, their 6th appearance already winning 3 and loosing 2 to the same team the New York Giants. Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick can cement their outstanding careers with a Superbowl win which would easily separate the 2 from their respective classes. Tom Brady would stand alone at 6 Superbowl appearances the next closest would be Jon Elway with 5 and the most play off wins of any quarterback in the history of the game and doing so behind a season of which his team might have not even made the playoffs if anyone else was under center for the Patriots. New England is working with 3 rookie wide receivers although Josh Boyce recently hit IR, The loss,return, and loss again Rob Gronkowski to IR, Both Danny Amendola and Shane Vereen have both missed their share of the work in the earlier portion of the season, and don’t get me started on the losses on the defensive side of the ball. Tom Brady has done more with less this season than ever before and some would even say he deserves an MVP nod.

a12Tom Brady finally has a running game that can support him. The stable of backs is led by draft day trade Legarrette Blount with Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen both compliment the big physical back and the backs by committee has allowed them all to remain fresh though-out the season and into the playoffs. The move to take the more old school approach isn’t a surprise to anyone playoff teams usually last due to having an above average running attack and a fierce front 4 in recent playoff games and super bowl victories. The approach has allowed Tom Brady to keep his arm fresh, generate a beautiful play action, and give him full control of not only the offense but the clock as well.

The thought of how scary the Patriots could be with a great set of runningbacks is now a reality for the fans.

“Coach Belichick is the best coach that I’ve ever competed against,” Manning told reporters Wednesday. “I think it’s safe to say he’ll go down as the greatest NFL coach of all time.”

“Coach Belichick is the best coach that I’ve ever competed against,” Manning told reporters Wednesday. “I think it’s safe to say he’ll go down as the greatest NFL coach of all time.”

Bill Belichick might be a shoe-in for head coach of the year after this campaign no matter if it ends tomorrow or with a Superbowl win. The NFL coaches an players alike share great respect for the New England Patriots head coach guys like Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had nothing but praise for the coach.

Bill Belichick is dealing with a young core of guys do to multiple reasons but mainly because the amount of injuries this team has dealt with on both sides of the ball. Belichick has managed to coach his way straight into the post season dealing with an almost complete second string unit of defense due to season ending injuries at all 3 levels of the defense. Loosing guys like Vince Wilfork IR, Jerod Mayo IR, Brandon Spikes IR, Adrian Wilson IR, Tommy Kelly IR, and lost for a few weeks was Stephan Gregory, Aqib Talib, Devin McCourty,Alfonso Dennard, while dealing with the younger guys and attempting to take some-what of a patient approach to their game and tutoring in guys like Donte Hightower, Logan Ryan, Duron Harmon, and Jamie Collins. Most said the Patriots would fight but wouldn’t be a capable play off team and Bill Belichick has coached these younger guys and cruised then into great roles either starting or rotational. and every week it seems that one of these guys takes a step forward in the maturation process just earlier this season Donte Hightower was being labeled a bust and now he looks to be a stud and should help anchor that linebacker corps for the next few seasons with the help from the athletically gifted Jamie Collins a true rookie who after a spotty start to the season he looks to be breaking out and ready to contribute to the team and all this is due to Bill Belichicks time working with his younger guys behind the scenes that are not open to the media.


Even Legarrette Blount had thanked New England’s head coach for helping him adjust his running style. Blount has notched almost 500 all-purpose yards his last few games. Bill Belichick has also shown trust into Aqib Talib who he asked first hand if Blount would be worth the trade and that type of relationship and communication is something Patriots fans are not accustom too but is really great to see when we do.

The combination of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has always been “As long as Bill and Tom are there they will always be competitive.” This season s080202_patriotsmore than any other proves it best and may go down as both of their best work of their careers if they manage to win a Superbowl in the process of developing this young team and dealing with the off-season of a life time and the injuries this team has dealt with. This Patriots unit has developed a certain swag about them a solid chip on their shoulder is driving this team and the role of the under-dog is so fitting for this never give up never back down approach this team takes a week in and out. It’s truly amazing that they have made it this far.

Tommarow Players can change there legacy for both teams and we will both sides the best(no we dont go Pats) and while the Patriots try to fight for theirs Peyton Manning will try and get certain monkeys off his back or he will be known for his playoff mis-fortunes and 8 times loosing opening game with home field advantage in the playoffs.


Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Patriots Injury Report

Early Wednesday afternoon the big news out of Gillette Stadium was the absence of Tom Brady from the media portion of practice today with what was later disclosed as an “illness”. With that being said long snapper Danny Aiken suddenly came down with the same diagnosis. Without knowing exactly what’s going on in Foxboro it is a possibility that Tom Brady and Danny Aiken were in fact somewhere in the facility together practicing snapping and holding the field goal snaps away from the media since Punter Ryan Allen injured his shoulder in the victory vs the Colts and will not be able to hold on Sunday. Just some food for thought before I give you the injury report for the New England Patriots for the Conference Championship game.

Did Not Participate :
Player Position Injury
Danny Aiken : LS Illness
Tom Brady: QB Shoulder / Illness

Limited Participation :
Player Position Injury
Ryan Allen: P Shoulder
D Amendola:WR Groin
K.Arrington :CB. Groin
A. Dennard : CB. Knee / Shoulder
A Dobson : WR Foot
D.Fletcher: LB Groin
D.Hightower: LB Ankle
K. Thompkins: WR. Hip / Concussion
S. Vereen : RB Groin

Brendan Nadeau / Patriots Contributor
Twitter : @Brennadeau

Brandon Spikes IR

Questions were circling around Foxboro all week with people wondering what exactly Brandon Spikes was placed on season ending IR for. Sources have released that the reason Spikes was placed on IR while preparation for the playoffs was beginning was in fact due to Brandon Spikes being late to a meeting. At a time where minor mistakes create huge problems (just ask Andrew Luck) it seems as though Spikes just isn’t ready or mature enough to handle that responsibility.
With Spikes out other linebackers were given the chance to step up and received more playing time as a result. In Coach Bellichick’s system it’s all about “doing your job” and when your time comes up to step into a bigger role you better be prepared to do so. This week with the absence of Spikes rookie Linebacker Jamie Collins was given a chance to step up and step up he did. Collins finished the game with 6 tackles 1 sack and 1 huge interception that helped the Patriots put the game on ice. With Spikes out the rest of the playoffs with an injured ego it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the linebackers especially Jamie Collins continue to play when the teams get tougher and games get closer.

Brendan Nadeau / multi sport contributor
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5 Reasons Pats fans should be confident about Saturday

#5 – A Well Balanced Patriots Attack
While it’s been said Tom Brady has “no real offensive weapons” he was able to put up very respectable if not MVP type numbers considering the circumstances. Tom Brady was able to complete 60.5% of his passes for 4,343 yards with 25 td’s to only 11 interceptions. To put those numbers in perspective as I stated they were “MVP” type numbers he has done this with the off season losses of Wes Welker (Denver Broncos) & Aaron Hernandez (Dartmouth H.O.C). Also his #1 target and safety blanket Rob Gronkowski missed the start and finish of the season with a back injury and leg injury respectively. Also mix in the time missed by others like Danny Ammendola , Aaron Dobson, and Shane Vereen amongst others. We have also seen that the Patriots can effectively run the ball if need be with the newest addition to the backs Legarette Blount who had 772 rushing yards with 8 touchdowns this season. Out of his 772 yards his past few games have shown the Patriots and NFL he can carry a team with a solid game vs the Ravens and an all time great game vs the Bills in the season finale ( 189 rushing yards 2 touchdowns to go along with 145 return yards). It’s not just a one man show as Steven Ridley was able to put up 773 yards and 7 touchdowns despite missing time due to fumble-itus and the always dangerous Shane Vereen catching passes out of the backfield.
#4- The Colts Are One Dimensional
Unlike the Patriots the Colts are entirely a one dimensional team. They are a mediocre passing team ranking in the middle of every statistic offensively regarding the pass and in the lower end of the league in regards to rushing the ball. The Colts avg. 232.8 passing yards/per game (17th in the NFL) and an anemic 108.9 yards/game rushing (21st in the NFL). Even with the addition of former top 10 pick Trent Richardson the Colts have not been able to rush the ball consistently all year. Richardson finished the season with a mere 563 yards and 3 touchdowns while coughing up the ball 2 times (and once last week vs the Chiefs). While they can strike quickly with their fast receivers it is looking like a bad weather game (60% chance of rain 16 mph winds Saturday night) which means they will have to run the ball which has proven a weakness for the Colts.
#3- Patriots had time to rest and heal
With all the injuries the Patriots have suffered this season the bye week couldn’t have come at a better time for them. Guys like Aquib Talib (hip injury) , Aaron Dobson (foot), Shane Vereen (groin) amongst many others were given the chance to take it a little easy and get healthier for this weeks game which can only benefit the Patriots.
#2 – Gilette Stadium
The New England Patriots are a perfect 8-0 at home this season (knock on wood) while the Colts are a mediocre 5-3 on the road. The Colts have had some big wins this season against good competition but have also been wildly inconsistent and suffered some horrific losses. For example the Colts were blown out by the Bengals (48-28) and the Cardinals (40-11) both on the road. While the Patriots aren’t perfect at home (having to have some amazing comebacks against a few teams like the Broncos and Browns) they seemingly derive from the Foxboro crowd and just find a way to win.
#1- Andrew Luck
Yes I understand Luck might very well be seamed the next big thing for NFL QB’s but this game Saturday isn’t about the future it’s about the here and now and right now Andrew Luck is inconsistent just like the Colts. All season Luck has been able to cut his interceptions in half from last year (18..just think about that for a second I’ll wait)… to this year (9 much better) this isn’t the regular season anymore. With that being said Andrew Luck in one playoff game this season has thrown 1/3 of the interceptions he had all season (3 last game). In 2 career playoff games Luck has thrown for over 600 yards with 4 touchdowns 4 interceptions and a fumble with a 1-1 record. While the Colts got “Lucky” last week if he continues to play like history shows Indianapolis will be heading back home for a long off season again. Even with the remarkable comeback last week you can’t expect the Patriots who are known to make other teams beat themselves while they play sound football to let Luck get away with turnovers like he did against the Chiefs. All this being said I have the Patriot winning 34-23 at home this week heading back to the AFC championship game yet again.

Brendan Nadeau
Twitter- @Brennadeau


Patriots And Texans Are Throwing Blows Early In The Fourth.

The New England Patriots are in a tight one battling the 2-9 Houston Texans.

The Patriots started off very slow offensively while in that early slump Tom Brady connected with tight end Rob Gronkowski for a touchdown. Defensively the Patriots have been exposed with power running from Ben Tate for the majority of the game. Vereen has also let his presence be known in shane vereen1both the passing and running attack.

For the Texans their quarterback Case Keenum for the most part of the game. Their running game has been powerful which is helping Case Keenum control the offense.

Lagarrette Blount has just scored a touch down and the Patriots now have the lead.

That has turned around quickly after a big play by Deandracase

Hopkins and another touch down run by Ben Tate Texans now have the lead.

what a game so far.

Update: 2 stephan Gostkowski field goals both from 53 yards have allowed the Patriots to retake the lead. 3:12 left to play.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Patriots Are Set For A Rumble In The Jungle: Cam Newton Looking To Claw His Team To Victory.

The New England Patriots are traveling to play the Carolina Panther’s in a monday night show-down. The Carolina Panther’s are winner’s of 5 straight games and are off to their best campaign since 2008. The Patriots are up to their usual self at 7-2 some might say that they are lucky to be there and others will say this is coach Bill Belichek and Tom Brady’s best year even outside of their typical stats.

So here we go, 5 things to look out for in this MUST watch monday night game.

    1. Fast start will be key

The New England Patriots offense is starting to remind us of the unit that us Patriot fans have been accustom to over the better portion of the last 10 years. The offense is getting key contributors back from dramatic injuries. Rob Gronkowski looks to be back in “Gronk” form while Danny Amendola still may be suffering from his groin injury he had sustained in preseason, and Shane Vereen is being tested and should be due to come of IR from his wrist injury he got in week

The Patriots are coming off a bye week but prior to the bye the New England Patriots bye they dismantled the Pittsburgh steelers for the most points ever allowed in the Steelers history in a 55-31 victory. The difference in that game however was the Patriots did not get off to a fast start and most of there 55 points came in the second half of the game.

Carolina has allowed 55 points in their last 5 games. that’s just above 11 points per game average. They havent played any top tier offensive teams in that 5 game stretch so they are some-what un-proven themselves but we can not simply disregard an 11 point game average.

    2. Run Control

The Patriots running game has been its back-bone all season. breaking 5 100+ yard games this season and missing 1 with a knee injury. The Patriots look a lot better with Ridley involved and when he is not the Patriots offense has a tendency to become strictly 1 dimensional and with their prior injuries and rookies that were still catching up it took its toll when Ridley wasnt there.


The Patriots are suffering greatly with injuries that piled up on the defensive side of the ball. They lost one of the best run stoppers in the league with Vince Wilfork on IR and Jerod Mayo the unsung leader of the defense on IR as well this left the Patriots ranked 30th against the run respectively.

Deangelo Williams leads the trio of runningback for the Panthers however with Jonathon Stewart coming back into the rotation and Mike Tolbert really being the quiet leader of the hurd. Patriots rank 30th against the run due to injuries this season. If the Patriots want to win they need to stop these backs and Cam Newton from taking advantage of their injury riddled defense.

     3. Building Pressure Situations.

Both teams bring some top caliber players defensively but make no mistake a big game from 2 specific defensive ends for the Patriots Chandler Jones and for the Panthers Charles Johnson.

Chandler Jones has had a great start to his young career with the team that drafted him the New England Patriots. His athletic build and his gifted talent has allowed him to accel. Jones long arms have allowed him to create separation from offensive linemen and create havoc amongst quarterbacks and running backs all season. He will need a big night tonight to help lead the Patriots and this young defense to victory.

The Carolina Panthers talented defensive end Charles Johnson is earning all the money he got in his last contract with the Panthers. He has been a consistent presence in the opposing offensive personals face. excelling at getting pressure on the quarterback he is also very solid against the run.

     4. The Rob Gronkowski Effect.

Rob Gronkowski is arguably the best tight end in the NFL surely top 2 with only Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. The Patriots offense was playing at to be nice mediocre level with out their tight end recovering from back and forearm injuries. The anticipation finally came to an end a few weeks back and re-emerged as a viable if not the best option for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He has completely rejuvenated this offense and helped lead the Patriots to where they are right now.

    5. Managing Steve Smith.


The Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is known around the league for his chippy attitude and his short fuse. Prior history tells us so in the Patriots prior super bowl victory over the Panthers when guys such as Ty Law got into his face and played physical and rumbling each others mouth. The Patriots will find it impossible to completely shut the shift smaller wide receiver but will try to limit his success with a dose of Aqib Talib.

We would not be surprised if both these guys got into it tonight.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Patriots Stiffen Up Battle Back To Beat Rival Dolphins.



192     : Team Stats :    116

23   : First Downs :    19      

    192    : Passing Yards :   116.    

89    : Rushing Yards :    79

7-61   : Penalties :   5-35

  4   : Punts :    5

34:59  : Time of Possession :   25:01

Game Final:


The New England patriots played a division rival and a team that some professional NFL analyst insisted would come out the AFC on top of the New England Patriots in the Miami Dolphins. The game presented a challenge for a depleted Patriots team and were the potential underdogs of the matchup. These two teams clashed in a 1:00 meeting and it was not for cheese and crackers.

kkThe Patriots kept their NFL turnover streak alive with 4 forced turnovers and one other not so positive streak of loosing a key player in consecutive games. So far this year the Patriots have lost Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, and Adrian Wilson to season ending injuries while guys like Aqib Talib and Tom Kelly may soon come back more injuries to the Patriots offensive line keep mounting up Seabastian Vollmer could find himself on IR with a potentially serious leg injury.

The Tom Brady Led offense that usually throws up 30+ points a game is becoming some-what a thing of the Past. Brady throwing for only 25 yards in the first half was his 3rd lowest of his career while the other two times were in the earlier portion of his career. He opened up the game with an interception as well this could be due to multiple things but to name a few it could be the lack of an outside threat, the inconsistency within his offense with guys always in and out due to injury, or the fact that Tom Brady has been playing for a few weeks on a swollen hand with an unknown injury that he has been trying to work through.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Although the Patriots did not play exactly perfect defensively they did enough to keep the game in reach for the offense to make something happen. Logan Ryan has been a tasteful injection into a thin secondary the rookie has forced turnovers in back to back weeks and up’d the ante today with a bigger role in coverage and blitzing packages seemed that he held his end. Chandler Jones has been on an absolute tear since the beginning of the season and incredibly he is still progressing at the halfway point of the year he even blocked a field goal that sealed the game but the highlight of the defense had to be the beautiful play where Devin McCourty tapped the ball to the often cut and resigned cornerback Marquice Cole for a beautiful interception.

The Miami Dolphins quietly had a great first half. Scoring two quick touchdowns and their defense coming to play it felt as if they may be able to take the game from the struggling Patriots. The second half of the game was by far a completely different approach. the Patriots ran off 24 unanswered points against a good Dolphins defense and ultimately finished off this gritty game and got the win.

The New England Patriots face the Pittsburgh Steelers and then have a bye and the trade deadline is looming. 

The Ugly Truth: Patriots Take 2 of 3 Important Games, Halt Saints With An Incredible Story Book Comeback

The New England Patriots were finishing off a 3 game streak of tests to display where the Patriots are as a team and where they stand in the AFC. Their last opponent of that series was the un-defeated high-powered New Orleans Saints. The Patriots did not look great in their previous game against the Bengals and some started to write off the Patriots as any sort of AFC power house with the Denver Bronco’s being the top ranked team the drop off after that is some-what equal then drops to the bottom tier teams.

Today the youthfully injected New England Patriots stand tall as a team and rallied back.


New England Patriots Vs. New Orleans Saints

Location: Foxboro

Game Time: 4:30

Game Final: 30-27-Patriots

The Patriots were the unusual underdogs with a home game against the New Orleans Saints…..Take that in for a second. How often is it do you hear that? It’s a taste of how things were prior to the Tom Brady and Bill Belichek era began. That same flavor is an unknown to Tom Brady and Bill Belichek as well and with that partial flavor in their mouths it drives them to rise up and have a much more balanced approach with a genius like Belichek to manage the game and control their opponents time of possession with his play calling and his in-house groomed staff.

The Patriots may have won the game in epic fashion but it did not come without cost. The Patriots may have lost some more starters for a while both offensively and defensive.

  • Dan Connolly left the early portion of the game with a head injury and was not cleared to come back into the game the much less experienced Marcus Cannon filled in and at first it was not looking good but he later calmed down and played better.
  • Danny Amendola was forced to leave game action when he was hit incredibly hard with head to head contact after only coming back 2 games from a groin injury it looks like Amendola could possibly miss more time with a head injury.
  • Jerod Mayo left the later portion of the game with a shoulder injury after making contact with a receiver just after fellow team-mate Stephan Gregory delivered a vicious hit.
  • Aqib Talib left the game with a hip injury. Talib limped off the playing field and was taken to the locker room for further evaluation and was not allowed to come back into the game.

The offense has been truly ugly but the truth is their finding ways to win


The Patriots offense came in rating in the lower half of the league not the bottom but not the middle either. The New Orleans Saints are an up and coming defensive unit with an obvious problem stopping the run. The Patriots exposed that with a heavy dose of their running backs mainly featuring Stevan Ridley and rightfully so, herid was hammering the Saints interior with explosive runs and tremendous field vision combined with Ridley’s physical running style he churned out 96 yards on 20 carries and grabbing 2 touchdowns.

That along with a solid defensive approach and the leadership of Tom Brady the offense light up in the final seconds with a beautiful pass to Kenbrell Thompkins with 5 seconds left in the game. Tom Brady’s stat line has been nowhere near impressive or what we expect of the ALL-PRO Hall Of Fame quarterback but that doesn’t matter what does is the win. The Patriots quarterback has had a lot of changes from last season till now and slowly he is getting everyone on the same page. Tom is being the leader and simply executing the game plan and adjusting as needed offensively. That is exactly how the Patriots managed to beat the Saints during that gritty and grinded out performance.


If teams are wondering the recipe the Patriots are using its their defense is keeping games close while their offense is starting to establish themselves with a dose of great coaching. 

The saints were not to be out done but the Patriots were able to shut out the Saints top offensive weapon tight end Jimmy Graham. Drew Brees depended on guys like Marquis Colston and Darren Sproles the Saints were still able to put up numbers but could not close out the game in the final minutes by simply running out the clock even after Tom Brady threw a generous interception intended for wide receiver Julien Edelman. The previous un-defeated team is no more as the feisty Patriots rose to the occasion.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports