Down goes Syracuse!!

Wednesday night saw the BC Eagles go up against the Syracuse Orange in an ACC men’s basketball matchup that had blowout written all over it with the Orange coming in 25-0 and BC coming in with a 6-18 record. Syracuse has played a lot of close games as of late but have been able to find a way to squeak out with wins no matter how impossible it looked. BC pulled off the upset of the year beating Syracuse 62-59 in OT. The loss leaves Wichita State(28-0) as the only undefeated left in the NCAA.
Leading all scorers with 20 points were C.J Fair of Syracuse and Olivier Hanlan. The magic seemed to just simply run out for Syracuse in tonight’s ACC matchup proving in college basketball any team can win on any night. If this game doesn’t get you itching for March Madness I don’t know what will.
Syracuse (25-1) will more then likely still go into the tourney with a #1 seed and BC (7-18) will likely miss out on the big dance again but this will be the talk of the town for the week as it will knock Syracuse off of their #1 seed they’ve had a stranglehold this season.
“When you get in enough of these games, there’s going to be one you’re not going to make a play. That’s what happens,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said. “At the end of games, you get into enough of these games, you’re not going to win.
Is it tournament time yet?!?

Brendan Nadeau / multi sport contributor
Twitter: @brennadeau

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