Ed Reed

Ed Reed had $50,000 stolen out of his car. Reed was in Houston when he made the large withdrawal and right after the withdrawal he drove to another bank to make another transaction. It was at this time Reed’s vehicle was broken into (his passenger window was shattered) and the $50,000 and the bag it was in was taken out of the car.
Not much of a sports story I understand but what in the world is he doing with $50,000 in straight cash homie? The next Ed Reed story I would like to break is if he is playing next season and with what team he’s joining. The aging safety is coming off of in my opinion his worse season that saw him being cut by the Houston Texans and signing with the loud mouth hard hitting Jets.
He signed with the Jets even after all signs pointed to him going to the New England Patriots but he stated that he “didn’t want to learn a difficult system ” which is understanding especially mid season but now with a full off season available to him I could see that as a possibility. Is this where I start the public out cry for Ed Reed as a Patriot?

Brendan Nadeau /baseball and football contributor
Twitter : @brennadeau


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