Beast Mode

As I sit back and watch all of the media sessions that lead up to the Super Bowl there’s a few things that pop out. The most intriguing thing to me is the media sessions with the one and only Marshawn Lynch. I’m completely drawn to this guy for so many reasons. Now I’ve been a Lynch fan since his days in Buffalo and yet I like everybody else have a limited knowledge of him personally.
I’ve seen the E:60 report that was on go a couple years ago that highlighted his business ventures but he is one of those players that constantly attempts to avoid the media. With all the noise about how Richard Sherman is being painted as a distraction (amongst other things i completely disagree with) because of his post-game comments following the NFC Championship game. Now I’m watching NFL Network and ESPN trying to paint Marshawn Lynch as a distraction because of his quiet nature and this is only based on his dislike for media attention. How hypocritical is that. One Seahawk is a distraction because his statements after a game and now Lynch is a distraction because he won’t have a half hour conversation with reporters?
I couldn’t disagree more with what is being said about one of my personally favorite NFL players. Lynch has not said anything that could be considered selfish or even distracting. He has followed the rules of the NFL by making himself available to the media but doesn’t have much to say when he’s there. Personally I love the fact that he just wants to go about his business and play football as opposed to talking to the media. It seems to work for Marshawn considering since he has arrived in Seattle he has finished no lower then 7th in the NFL in rushing and is constantly in the top 5 in the NFL in touchdowns since landing in Seattle via trade with the Buffalo Bills.
His first full year in Seattle “Beast Mode” finished the 2011 campaign with 1,204 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns (also adding 212 receiving yards and 1 touchdown) which was good for 7th in the NFL. In his second full year (2012) he finished with 1,590 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns to go with 23 receptions for 196 yards and 1 touchdown. That rushing total was good for 3rd in the NFL. This past season he has totaled 1,257 rushing yards (good for 6th in the NFL) with 12 touchdowns to go with 36 receptions for 316 yards and 2 touchdowns.
He also leads the NFL in rushing yards during the playoffs. Marshawn hasn’t talked to the media all season (as proof by his $50,000 fine he received for not making himself available to the media a few weeks back) and it has yet to be a distraction. Lynch is the centerpiece of this Seattle offense and sets the physical tone they love so much. I just wish the big media outlets would leave him be and stop trying to make a story out of nothing. If and when the Seahawks win this Sunday in New Jersey Marshawn Lynch will undoubtedly be in the conversation as Superbowl MVP. Let the guy do his thing and on Sunday strap on your chin straps because I’m sure he will be running physical and put on the show that Seahawks fans have loved watching since he’s shown up.

Article written by: Brendan Nadeau / NFL/ MLB contributor
Follow him in Twitter @Brennadeau


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