2014 not so kind to Celtics

Since the Calendar changed to 2014 the Celtics are still in search of their first win. What looked like a promising beginning to a season that began with very low expectations , our beloved Celtics are now struggling and looking like the squad many predicted them to be when this season began. At 0-8 on the year and losers of 12 of their last 13 , they now find themselves with the 3rd most losses in the NBA and well on their way to a high lottery pick (hopefully). It’s very difficult as a lifelong diehard fan of this team to watch them losing game after game , while in the back of my mind i know its probably the best thing for them in their rebuilding process.  With our all-star PG returning within a week , will the team continue on this spiral of losing or will he be the spark they need to push them back up the standings and into a playoff spot? Will Danny continue to make moves as the trading deadline approaches and help them clear future cap space for a run at some free agents? Will Rondo be available to teams? It will certainly be fun to watch as we get into trade season. Stay tuned Celtics fans as this will surely be an interesting month or so even if the losing continues.




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