Brandon Spikes IR

Questions were circling around Foxboro all week with people wondering what exactly Brandon Spikes was placed on season ending IR for. Sources have released that the reason Spikes was placed on IR while preparation for the playoffs was beginning was in fact due to Brandon Spikes being late to a meeting. At a time where minor mistakes create huge problems (just ask Andrew Luck) it seems as though Spikes just isn’t ready or mature enough to handle that responsibility.
With Spikes out other linebackers were given the chance to step up and received more playing time as a result. In Coach Bellichick’s system it’s all about “doing your job” and when your time comes up to step into a bigger role you better be prepared to do so. This week with the absence of Spikes rookie Linebacker Jamie Collins was given a chance to step up and step up he did. Collins finished the game with 6 tackles 1 sack and 1 huge interception that helped the Patriots put the game on ice. With Spikes out the rest of the playoffs with an injured ego it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the linebackers especially Jamie Collins continue to play when the teams get tougher and games get closer.

Brendan Nadeau / multi sport contributor
Twitter : @Brennadeau


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