Patriots And Texans Are Throwing Blows Early In The Fourth.

The New England Patriots are in a tight one battling the 2-9 Houston Texans.

The Patriots started off very slow offensively while in that early slump Tom Brady connected with tight end Rob Gronkowski for a touchdown. Defensively the Patriots have been exposed with power running from Ben Tate for the majority of the game. Vereen has also let his presence be known in shane vereen1both the passing and running attack.

For the Texans their quarterback Case Keenum for the most part of the game. Their running game has been powerful which is helping Case Keenum control the offense.

Lagarrette Blount has just scored a touch down and the Patriots now have the lead.

That has turned around quickly after a big play by Deandracase

Hopkins and another touch down run by Ben Tate Texans now have the lead.

what a game so far.

Update: 2 stephan Gostkowski field goals both from 53 yards have allowed the Patriots to retake the lead. 3:12 left to play.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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