Rob Gronkowski And Danny Amendola Will Not Suit Up.

The New England Patriots have been dealing with injuries to some key players for a while now.

While Rob Gronkowski seems he will be able to play in coming weeks some may have thought that he would play week three against Tampa Bay and provide some much-needed help since team-mate Danny Amendola went down in week one with a groin injury.

2012-11-20-GronkowskiDanny Amendola, Tom Brady

The Patriots have officially ruled both Gronkowski and Amendola out this week. Rob Gronkowski was listed as an arm injury while Amendola deals with his strangely diagnosed groin injury. Gronkowski’s is more interesting since there have been reports that he would play a few snaps however it seems they Patriots are willing to go without his for yet another week as a safety precaution. Danny Amendola on the other hand did not look likely to play this week since watching him in practice with a noticable limp and while no one questions his toughness there are still doubter’s that remain to call him injury prone which will last till he can play most of a season healthy.

Comeback from injury predictions

Gronkowsk – week 4/5

Amendola – week 5/6

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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