Patriots Defense Looks To Build Off Successful Preseason.

New England Patriots Defense has looked very good during the preseason.

It’s Early in the first quarter and the New England Patriots defense has caused a turnover that lead to a Tom Brady touch down pass to wide receiver Julien Edelman. This is all allowable because the Patriots defense has been very scary all preseason at least their starting unit. Some of the names involved on the play that caused a turn over was Kyle Arrington’s hit that was put on the Buffalo Bills running back C.J Spillar, Tommy Kelly was also a name that was involved in the play as well.

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

The Patriots second drive defensively have let up a nice throw and catch between E.J Manuel. The following play C.j Spillar attempted another run and was stuffed for a short gain. Alfonso Dennard has been under pressure but a nice play to get an interception but moments later was called incomplete and directly after that C.J Spillar was stuffed behind the line again which lead to a punt and Tom Brady and co. start on a short field after a facemask call against buffalo.

The Patriots offense stutters and their defense comes out right away lets up a Spillar run for about 8 yards and then a nice pass from Manuels with high velocity for a first down only to be turned back on a holding penalty. short loss on a short pass to spillar and then another pass that was incomplete that led to a punt.

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills


now New England is running out the first quarter with Tom Brady and the offense on the field. Patriots defense looks to be a solid unit and if they can keep it up it will be a very interesting season for the New England Patriots.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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