A Giants Game (Preseason Finale Recap)

The New England Patriots and New York Giants faced off in the Patriots season finale. Tom Brady and most of the Patriots starters did not play the Giants on the other hand played their first unit for a good portion of the first quarter. It was the final tuning and an audition for athletes to make their case for a roster or practice squad spot.

Game time: 7:30


Score: Giants @ Patriots 20-28( win-final)

NFL: Preseason-New England Patriots at New York Giants

The Game begins at the Giants 16 and it wasn’t no hot start for the Better of the New York teams. Accounting for 1 first down then a punt. During the punt there was a penalty against the Patriots for “block in the back” ultimately it resulted in Ryan Mallet and co. starting at the 7 yard line. Ryan Mallet had a very up and down first quarter, a nice throw to the rookie tight end Zach Sudfeld for a first down in the flats but a terrible touch play intended for the veteran running back Leon Washington. The bad pass displayed terrible accuracy on a somewhat simple touch throw the pass was over thrown to the speedy back who was not covered and had a clear lane to the end zone on the opening drive of the night.

Eventually Ryan Mallet settle down and the Patriots defense made of mostly back up players held their own against the Giants starting offensive unit took them 3 attempts to finally get into the endzone.That was the giants final drive with their first unit.

While the Giants went into the second quarter with a lead that they got off a slant route on rookie cornerback Logan Ryan. Ryan to his credit played physical against the long and physical Hakeen Nicks, The Patriots received the ball at the beginning of the second quarter It seemed as if the game was slowing down for the Patriots back up quarterback Ryan Mallet he got into a quick rhythm with the up and coming wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins with two long strikes while Mallet directed them into the red zone he lofted up a pass to rookie wide receiver Aaron Dobson. The Pass looked flat as it again this time not having enough touch to get it towards the back pile-on instead resulted in an interception by Prince Amakumuera but upon further review he had a portion of his body out-of-bounds and it was overturned and after a penalty George Winn scored from the one yard line to tie it at 7.

A short while after this the offense found themselves in great field position after Leon Washington’s punt return of 43 yards. Taking over the ball at the Giants 40 yard line Ryan Mallet displayed a flash of brilliance going through his reads and sending the ball down the sideline way ahead of the speedster Josh Boyce for a fingertip grabbing touchdown and like that it was 14-7 Patriots.

Deep into the second quarter both Marquice Cole and Michael Buchanan were having their way so far for their defensive 3. Cole had a few break ups but none bigger up to this point of the game then his pass break up on 3rd down leading up to a Giants punt. Micheal Buchanan was credited with a strip/sack for a turn over and brought a great pass rush to his defensive unit so far in the game.

Just as quickly though Mallet throws a pass intended for Aaron Dobson that bounced off his chest and into the turf scrapping hands of the Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich. Ultimately though the turnover only resulted in a field goal for the Giants and after a holding call against the Patriots Ryan Mallet was instructed to just kneel the ball to bring it to half time.


The third quarter was underway and the Patriots were set to receive the ball for the second half where Tim Tebow would enter the game and sure enough it was Tebow time here in New England.

while completing a few of his opening passes and looking a ton better than his prior outing 1-7 -1 yard. Tebow was sacked multiple times and really none of them were his fault as the Patriots back up offensive linemen looked sluggish and slow however Tebow could have altered his snap count a bit to help his cause.

Tebow, the defense, and the general players on the field were not clicking for almost the whole third quarter allowing a field goal and a big punt return that eventually lead to a score. The Patriots looked dull and as some of the crowd boo’d some of the Tebow faithful kept faith. Running back Leon Washington fielded a punt and trying to make an impression that ultimately lead to a fumble and the Giants taking over at the end of the third quarter.

Sooner or later the Tim Tebow lead Patriots clicked and Tebow found Patriots wide receiver Quentin Sims on a nice cut that he broke free of a tackle and took 52 yards for a score. putting Tebow at 5-9 1 touchdown.

The Patriots defense locked the Giants up defensively and Logan Ryan a corner for the Patriots is slowly making a name for himself. Comparing him to other cornerbacks Patriots have drafted over the years he looks really good. He ultimately broke up a pass that lead to a punt.

Tim Tebow looked like he was going to build off what he did last drive. Rushing for a few years on one play and a couple more the next. Tim Tebow’s next Pass intended for rookie wide receiver Aaron Dobson was intercepted on a pass that just fell flat.

Patriots defense caused a punt and it looked as if Tim Tebow would come out for his final drive if he could execute. The fact is he could not an his rush attempt fell a yard short of first down but the rookie punter Ryan Logan came in and he may have sealed his faith with the Patriots right here pinning the Giants within their 10.

Yet again the Patriots defense came out and handled their own putting the giants at 3 and out after a Marquice Cole pass break up. The Giants elected to go for it and the Patriots like a pack of wolves rushed to get a sack and more importantly a turn over on downs. 

Tebow with his last gasp dropped back and throw a really nice throw to Quinton Sims for yet another touch down and that is how the game ended for him and a victory for the Patriots heading into the preseason and beating their foe in the Giants.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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