Preview: Fantasy football top 5’s

Football season is upon us. It’s finally time to get to see your favorite teams suit up and really lay down some sort of foundation for the up and coming in less than 37 days till regular season kickoff (no-one is counting or anything).

What! Your are not yet excited?

Thats right your more worried about your teams fantasy football draft and all the fun things that come with fantasy football. Weather your hanging out with the boys, having a pizza and a few cold drinks or online with people you probably don’t know it doesn’t matter. This draft is about you and they guys you would hand-pick to go out on Thursday,sunday, and monday’s to tear up the field and score some points.

Here are my top 5 guys in each category:


1.) Aaron Rodgers-

He has a great combination of smarts and athleticism. Rodger’s is one of the best passers in the league and has an arsenal of receiver’s to back him up. It’s merely a bonus that he can run the ball….well.

2.)Payton Manning-

One year into his recovery from neck surgery, Payton coming off a great season where he has built chemistry with his young core of receivers. Now Add Wes Welker the arguably best slot receiver in the game as the veteran presence. Manning already reputation and an offense to help lead you to fantasy glory.

3.) Matt Ryan-

Matty ice has two of the games best receivers and top 3 wide receiver duo in the league. never mind his tight end Tony Gonzales was third in fantasy with scoring for tight ends. His high-powered offense is primed to really put up some numbers. Matt Ryan game is all about consistency once he is in rhythm watch out.

4.) Cam Newton-

Cam the man Newton has always been a great fantasy quarterback like Rodgers he does it all can throw the ball the field or can flat-out run u over and keep going up the field. He gobbles up a crazy amount of points in rushing yards and td’s. I think cam will put up his usual amount of stats this season as he did last if not better. He is a great fantasy football quarterback pick.

5.)  Tom Brady-


Tom when he has an offense he is accustomed to playing with is easily the 1st or 2nd quarterback off the board. Due to the Aaron Hernandez arrest,injury to Gronkowski,the release of Brandon Llyod, and the departure of Wes Welker some fantasy owner’s might shy away from Tom Brady. However Brady has been spectacular in a fantasy points as far back as I can remember. He is extremely consistent. and has been successful with lesser names at his disposal.




Adrian Peterson-


Adrian Peterson is coming off a monster year in fantasy and in reality. The Vikings offense arguably has not gotten any better. He is a proven workhorse and is ALL DAY. Period.

Arian Foster-

Foster is one of the better more consistent backs in the league. He brings a certain finesse to the game but is also pretty good at lowering the shoulder. He has led the league in rushing yards just 2 seasons ago. Arian is a game changer and even when defenses game plan for him he still manages to break free.

Ray Rice-

The smaller than usual runningback is an absolute monster on the field. More consistent then not, the Ravens will look to their ground game due to loosing Dennis Pitta to injury and Anquan Boldin to trade with the 49er’s. The Ravens will depend heavily on Ray Rice to lead them to victory and bring lots of fantasy owner’s joy.

Jamaal Charles-

Jamaal Charles has an explosive skill set. i watched this guy single-handed win games for the cheifs last season. He has great vision and a great offensive line to help lead the way. This season though he has a quarterback who can actually throw the ball and loves using his runningbacks in the passing game which Charles also accels in. Add all this and the addition of headcoach Andy Reid who has a skill for making every runningback he touches shine Jamaal is primed for a huge season.

Trent Richardson-

The Browns organization may be in the dawg house. They lack talent in multiple positions. WR mostly and the quarterback category isn’t all that fancy either Brandon Weeden still has a lot to prove. However Trent Richardson is an absolute monster on the field a true runningback never coming off the field and his bruising playing style only leaves you more chances of then running the ball in any sort or down/goal situation. He is a workhorse and will have plenty of carries, rushing yards, and touchdowns to help lift your team in fantasy football.

Wide receiver:

Calvin Johnson-


Calvin Johnson is an absolute freak at the WR position. Even when the wide receiver is covered by the best or doubled he is never really covered. I personally watched this guy break Jerry Rice record and then some. Mathew Stafford is also the real deal with a huge arm and smarts but make no mistake Calvin is a play maker the best WR in the league.

Julio Jones-

Julio Jones is primed up for his best season of his young career. First opposite side is Roddy White so if they decide to cover of or another with just one guy it could be record breaking…mainly for Jones as he has the strength,size,speed and concentration. On top of that he has been reporting down right dominating during his teams OTA’s being a great fantasy WR in his previous season he is really ready to make that leap into elite if not better.

A.J Green-

A.J Green is another young wide receiver that has made his mark. He and quarterback Andy Dalton has made a few great plays but the pure athleticism is what separates Green from many others.Recently he has been slowed down during OTA’s and other team activities it should not be an injury that will keep him out of the regular season. If Andy Dalton can play at a high level Green will benefit off that greatly if not he will still be a consistent force throughout the season.

Brandon Marshall-

Since the Chicago Bears traded with the Miami Dolphins for Brandon Marshall to catch passes from Jay Cutler he has returned to solid form. Marshall is a veteran of the game and brings a unique attitude to his game. He can take over games an will do so till someone steps up and attempts to cover him. Jay Cutler has really loved the trade finally landing himself a true number 1 receiver you should not be scared to grab Brandon Marshall either.

Dez Bryant-

The injection of youth through out the league has really taken the quarterback and offensive coordinators around the league to another level and the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver does just that. He is versatile can play the outside and the slot. When healthy he is a top 5 receiver in the league and in Dallas he stands out as their best receiver. Dez shows great hands and body control while it also seems he may have matured some as well. Dez will be a lock as one of the top 5 receivers off the board come your fantasy draft.

Tight End:

Rob Gronkowski-

This is an easy decision if he’s healthy. When he is on the field their may not be a single defender who can solely take down the New England Patriots tight end. However his down fall is just that in his health coming off forearm and back surgery. All things look good so far for the tight end if he’s there and you’re in need grab him.

Jimmy Graham-

The New Orlean Saints have themselves a star at tight end. Both athletic and smart Graham also has one of the best quarterbacks in the league throwing him the ball he also has his trust. The young Tightend shows a ton of promise.

Vernon Davis-

Maybe the most athletic of the bunch. Vernon Davis is a pros pro. While last season when Colin Keapernick started they appeared to have little to no chemistry but later in the playoffs really 1 and started to develop. Davis is excellent in the passing game has great hands,size and speed.

Tony Gonzales-

The older Tony Gonzales gets it seems the sweeter he plays. the age-less tight end plays a keep role in the Atlanta Falcons aireal arsenal. Their up tempo offense and their star wide receivers do it’s share but Tony manages to remain consistent and professional in his extended career he has contemplated retirement the last two years but his production is always consistent.

Jason Witten-

Closing off the list is the last of the top class tight ends around the league. The Dallas Cowboy has a nach for making plays and is huge in the leadership part of the game. He’s extremely consistent barely missing any games through out his career. Jason Witten is a safe bet in fantasy if he is there and you’re looking for a top tight end he is your guy.


Stephan Gostkowski-

The New England Patriots kicker Stephan Gostkowski has had his share of missing in recent memory. However the Patriots offense scores enough to make up for his occasional miss an his big leg is great and has great distance on his kicks.

Matt Prater-

similar to the New England Patriots offense approach. The Denver Broncos got a kicker who can be extremely accurate and clutch. Their offense will score points as well making him a great option for fantasy football.

Matt Bryant-

The Atlanta Falcons have a young high-powered offense. They put up a lot of points and hope their defense can hang on for the win. it always seems the Falcons are scoring or in scoring position. Bryant is a solid pick here.

Phill Dawson-

San Fransisco 49ers have a very young offense so i think Dawson will be a steal when it comes the time. Either field goals or extra points are in his future. Safe Bet,

Justin Tucker-

Offensively the Baltimore Ravens may not be as high-powered as the other kickers teams. I just think that they will be able to at least travel enough to get into any type of scoring position. Flacco is not as bad as people may think and although he won a Superbowl he is not able to command a high-powered offense at this point in his career. Leaving plenty of field goal attempts.

Defense/Special Teams:

Seattle Seahawks-

The Seahawks can bring the heat defensively their violent,smart, and fast on top of being well coached by Pete Carroll. They will create massive turnovers both in fumbles and interceptions,

San Fransisco 49ers-

The 9ers have more veterans than the Seahawks do. They are very well coached by Jim Harbough. Their whole defensive unit has its own type of unique violent attitude. Defensively they should be able to get plenty of turn overs with hard hits and timing plays.

Chicago Bears-

Still one of the NFL’s finest defensive units. The Chicago bears raise havoc on game day willing to do about anything to jar the ball loose and converting turnovers to points. Solid fantasy pick with a savvy veteran cast as well as leading the league in turnovers.

Denver Broncos-

The one thing these teams all have in common is their pass rushing defense creates turn overs and turn overs create points Thats the case here for the Broncos their defense led by Von Miller is explosive even with the fax machine fiasco with Elvis Dumerville


Keep a look out for our full detailed fantasy blogs within the coming days!

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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