Update: Warrant Released In Aaron Hernandez Murder Case.

The former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez remains in police custody being denied bail twice. The details of the arrest warrant for first degree murder against Aaron Hernandez has been released to the media outlets and is making it rounds. The Patriots Owner Robert Kraft has broken his silence about his former tight end this week as well.

Today we focus on the details of the Arrest warrant.

Tuesday July 9th 2013 at 2:00 PM, The details of the arrest of the warrant against Aaron Hernandez have been released and gives a some what depthful look into not only the day/night of Odin Llyod’s Murder but a look into Aaron Hernandez life style and as the new details emerge and all the extensive searches of apartments, vehicles. and arrests the murder weapon has still not been found.

The first search warrant showed that the police had confiscated Hernandez cell phone had and iPad’s. Yes, you read that right iPad’s.

search warrant

This didn’t seem really out-of-place for a young adult making a good amount of money. The search warrant that followed a few days later was way more revealing into Aaron Hernandez personal life and potentially the murder case itself.

search warrant 2

Along with all the details of items obtained during the search of Aaron Hernandez home both times. The court’s have also released a series of text messages that clearly link both Odin Lloyd and former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez the day of his murder.

Aaron Hernandez says Odin Lloyd smoked Marijuana and was also involved in distribution.

As the case moves on and details continue to emerge Aaron Hernandez fiance claims Odin Lloyd smoked Marijuana and was also involved in selling it. “Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend told police that Odin Lloyd “smoked marijuana and that he was also a marijuana dealer.”— Kevin Armstrong- @KevinGArmstrong.  During the search the Police used a gun residue kit on a mattress as well as a “FEG Hungarian rifle” and ammunition in a duffel bag behind Aaron Hernandez car in the garage.  Building off a previous article we have published about Aaron Hernandez allegedly being a night club called Rumor. One of the night clubs employee’s spotted Aaron Hernandez and said he had a hand gun visible in his waistband according to police reports in connection with the search warrant. The employee also said that Hernandez and Odin were so drunk that friday night they could not drive and just slept outside, never making it to the home of Aaron Hernandez.  Per the Boston Globe’s Brian Ballou. Here is a copy of the text messages between Odin Lloyd and Aaron Hernandez the last day alive. It puts a clear picture and a creepy in-depth look of it all if true.hernandez fone number

Police speculated the number was Aaron Hernandez when they seen area code 203 of Connecticut. However while the police had Aaron Hernandez in questioning a detective called the 203 number and to no ones surprise Aaron Hernandez phone began to ring.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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