Bruins “shopping” Brad Marchand and Chris Kelly

The latest news regarding the Boston Bruins really comes as a shock. Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe and Shawn Hutcheon of The Fourth Period, two highly credible hockey sources, have confirmed that Peter Chiarelli is “shopping” forwards Brad Marchand and Chris Kelly.

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We heard similar news about one week ago, of Tyler Seguin being shopped on NHL draft day. Seguin was ultimately packaged and dealt to Dallas in a blink of an eye. So does this mean another blockbuster move is in the works?

After falling to the Blackhawks in the 2013 Cup Finals, Chiarelli has made it clear that this is an offseason dedicated to building an indisputable champion. Loui Eriksson and Jarome Iginla’s proven abilities certainly reflect his approach.

Unless the Bruins are completely wowed over with an irresistible trade offer, shipping Marchand out of town is not a bright idea. Sure, Marchand was inconsistent in the 2013 playoffs. He also took a few ill-advised penalties. And now his maturity level is reportedly being called into question.

Lets be serious for just a moment. The positives Marchand brings to the table outweigh whatever he may be incapable of providing.

Marchand can play in all situations, finds the back of the net at a steady clip, provides vital energy when needed, and has become a fan favorite in doing so. The “Little Ball of Hate” was also a key contributor in hanging a banner back in 2011, as he potted several clutch goals throughout the run to glory.

Not to mention the chemistry he and Patrice Bergeron have with one another. With that being said, relinquishing Marchand for anything short of pure greatness could prove to be a costly mistake, as his talents should reap a steep return.


On the other hand, news surrounding Chris Kelly is not as eye-popping. Kelly is currently locked into a four-year contract worth a total of $12 million. He is coming off a disappointing 2013 campaign, especially for the money he is being paid. But don’t forget he was never really himself after suffering a broken leg in March.

Though Kelly has always been one of Boston’s most consistent pivot-men, holding his own in the faceoff dot. He kills penalties with the best of them and is as responsible of a two-way forward as anyone on the team.

Kelly showed flashes of his 2011-2012, 20-goal brilliance, in the Stanley Cup against the Blackhawks. Kelly was paired with Tyler Seguin and Daniel Paille in the series and seemed to benefit from a rebirth. His speed game returned and aided in providing a dynamic scoring threat.

Holding onto Kelly may not be a bad idea considering Gregory Campbell will be battling back from a season ending injury come training camp. If Campbell is not himself right out of the chute, Kelly is more than capable of holding it down.

No one is untouchable given what has already transpired this summer. With the Bruins already seeing considerable roster turnover, no news it to be taken lightly at this point. Close attention should be paid to this developing storyline.

Frank O’Laughlin – Senior NHL Contributor – Title Town Sports Network

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  1. Although I am very fond of Marchand and Kelly, neither were able to light anything in the playoffs. You can’t rely on your #1 line only to score in the playoffs. Ask the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  2. I find it very hard to believe. I really trust Chiarelli, but, moving Marchand will be tough. He’s a kind of player the Bruins never will get full value for. I’m asking myself what the happened in the Bruins inner circle to rip this talented team apart. That doesn’t consider moving Seguin for such good value in terms of player value and cap value. Sadly I think Seguin is making it very hard on himself to be that kind of player we all expected. Still think he was a good player in the playoffs but what happened between the games scares the shit out of and I really really loved Seguin’s potential we saw once in a while. But, I am pretty sure PC along with the players realized more than we know. As a player you defend your teammate to more than 100%. That deal I understand but for Seguin best I hope I’m wrong. As a big Bruin fan for four decades I’ve been through many ups and downs. Bobby Orr is not only the best player ever, he’s also one of kind as a human person. Still he’s the same personality. Very loving, caring and humble. A personality you’d like to be yourself. I am wondering why it takes so long to get Rask signed. He really deserves it right now and will. But PC is perhaps the best GM in the NHL. He knows the game so well and the Bruins have two of the most intelligent guys supporting him. President Cam Neely and Don Sweeney. Sweeney also went to Harvard. They know more about the financial stuff than anybody else, I quite sure of that. They might be up to some to keep the Bruins out of the salary cap trouble for years. There’s always two sides of the coin and it’ll be awfully interesting to see if/how or what/when we get answer of their management can keep the coin standing on the edge. So to speak:) get a player or rather two and still pay less than now and be winner’s years to come. Call me an idiot if you want but doing business with those guys plus JJ would to big of a challenge. But I challenge anybody saying they won’t put this together. Sorry for the book

    • Frank O'Laughlin says:

      I very rarely question the Bruins brass. I always feel there is a method to their madness. They have succeeded in turning what was an utter embarassment into a pernennial Stanley Cup contender. Whatever moves they make, winning is always is their main motive.

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  4. Justr so PC knows. we did get to the cup. Does not make ANY sense to get rid of all the players that got us there. Marchand and Kelly need to be Bruins period. Peverley pissed me off too.,

  5. this is absolute horse shit, c’mon give me a goddamn break. peverly, seguin, Horton, hudobin, ferrence. like seriously get a grip. you’se screwed up already. w.t.f, are you’se trying to do. i’m sick of this. marchand, leading scorer. LMAO. DUMB


  1. […] want to see either of these guys leave … especially Marchand. We need both of these guys IMO. Bruins ?shopping? Brad Marchand and Chris Kelly ? TitleTown Sports Network […]

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