5 Questions.

What will Danny do next?

What will Danny do next?

Besides Dwight Howard, the Boston Celtics have probably been the biggest story-line this offseason.  They traded away Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry and Doc Rivers.  They made a big splash and hired Brad Stevens to be their head coach.  Will they trade Rondo? Will they hold onto Rondo? In this article I answer some of the questions I received on Twitter and try to answer some of the more pressing questions surrounding the Celtics.

Should the Celtics trade Rajon Rondo?  Danny Ainge has said that he isn’t looking to trade Rondo. That doesn’t mean he isn’t listening to offers.  Brad Stevens in his introductory press conference did nothing but praise Rondo.  I doubt a move happens, but, remember this is Danny Ainge we’re talking about.  Ainge is about as predictable as a teenager going through puberty.  What if the Pistons come calling and are offering Brandon Knight, Greg Monroe or Andre Drummond and picks. Who says no? I’d hate to see Rondo go, but, he is coming off a major knee injury.  I think Rondo will be wearing Celtics green when the season starts and I believe he can lead this team to the playoffs.

What’s the biggest need for next season that hasn’t been approached yet? A big body or backup point guard.  Who will play center for this team the way it’s currently put together? Sorry Fab Melo, but, I don’t think you’re the answer.  Who will back up Rondo? Right now I think the backup point guard position is the biggest need. Rondo is coming off a major knee injury and we need to have a serviceable backup for him.  As for the center position the Celtics can always slide Olynyk down to the five spot and play him there.  If all else fails I heard Dino Radja is looking to make a comeback.

How does Kelly Olynyk fit with the current Celtics roster? Right now he has to be the starting center.  He could be a very nice big man coming off the bench.  He has a good offensive game, but, he needs to get stronger.  Will he ever be an all-star? I seriously doubt it, but, if he starts I could see him putting up 15-16 points a game.  He looked good in the first summer league game, but, lets remember it’s summer league.  It will be interesting to see how he fairs against Andre Drummond in today’s game against the Pistons.

Should the Celtics try and sign Greg Oden? Yes. As I stated earlier, the Celtics need a big body. Greg Oden is that big body.  Yes he is injury prone, but, he’d be cheap. I’d rather see Greg Oden sign with the Celtics than sign with the Miami Heat.  His career averages are 9 points a game along with 7 rebounds.  What IF (big if) he stays healthy? If I’m Ainge I’m willing to take a risk on him.  He’d be cheap and the benefits outweigh the negatives by a ton.  This past season they missed out on signing Kenyon Martin and Chris “Birdman” Anderson.  I’d hate to see the Celtics miss out on Oden.

Is Danny Ainge done dealing? I don’t think Danny Ainge even knows the answer to this question.  I’m sure he is listening to all the offers he receives.  I’m sure he is trying to unload Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, Kris Humprhies and Gerald Wallace and his bloated contract.  If he can’t unload these players, I’m sure he’d be fine with that.  All four of  these players are nice bench players.  Courtney Lee struggled on the offense, but, was a fine defender. Brandon Bass had a good playoff series against the Knicks. Kris Humprhies, well nobody likes him, but, I think he could be fine bench player for the Celtics.  As for Gerald Wallace, well can things get any worse? He had a terrible season last year, hopefully a change of scenery is beneficial for him.

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Brennen Rupp- NBA Contributor- TitleTown Sports

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