Boston Celtics: Summer League Preview.

After watching the Boston Celtics organization introduce Brad Stevens I can tell you that I wish the regular season started on Sunday.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that is very excited for the new Era of the Boston Celtics to begin.  For those that need their Celtics fix, no worries, the NBA Summer League kicks off this Sunday against the Orlando Magic.  The next chapter of the Boston Celtics starts this Sunday and here are some things that I’ll be keeping my eye on this upcoming week:

Kelly Olynyk: The Celtics traded up to draft Olynyk.  A lot of the “experts” are calling it a bad move.  I like Olynyk’s game, not sure how it will transition to the NBA game though. I like his offensive game, but,  his defensive game, well, as Charles Barkley would say “turrible”.

The point guards: The Celtics have two point guards on their summer league roster you’ve probably heard of and one that you’ve probably never heard of.  The known: Phil Pressey from Missouri and Nolan Smith from Duke.  Pressey left school early, a decision he is probably regretting and Nolan Smith was part of the 2010 National Championship team.  The Unknown: Jayson Granger out of Uruguay. I know nothing about Granger, but, after reading his draft profile  and watching a short video clip, I’m excited to watch him play.  The Celtics are in need of a backup point guard and it very well could be one of these three guys who end up getting the gig.

Fab Melo: It’s no secret that Fab Melo is a project.  The question is: How much has he progressed? If Fab Melo can avoid those darn doors he may be a vital asset for the Celtics as a bench player.  He’ll more then likely never be an offensive force,but, if he can come off the bench and play some solid defense and grab some rebounds the Boston Celtics should be happy.  I’m just not holding my breath for any of those things to happen.  Have you ever just looked at a player and asked yourself: “How in the world is he in the NBA?” Yeah that’s what I get when I look at Fab Melo. Here’s to hoping that I’m wrong and Fab Melo pans out!

If you want to check out the rest of the summer league roster just click here!

Thanks for reading! Stay Strong Boston. Follow me on twitter @agent_rupp

Brennen Rupp – Boston Celtics Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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