Tim Tebow V.S. Aaron Hernandez

Tim Tebow’s combine results and measurable

Height: 6’3

Weight: 236   Vertical Leap: 38.5 inches

40 yard dash: 4.71   Broad Jump: 9’7

20 yard dash: w.66   20 Yd Shuttle: 4.17 seconds

10 yard dash: 1.55   Three Cone: 6.66 seconds

Aaron Hernandez Pro day results(did not attend combine)
Height: 6’2
Weight: 245   Verticle: 33 inches
40 yard dash: 4.64   Broad Jump: 9’3
20 yard dash: 2.71   20 Yd shuttle: 4.18
10 yard dash: 1.65   Three Cone: 6.83
Thats a few interesting stats to look at. The first glance you would say you’re comparing to tight ends on paper. Then it hit you that you’re comparing Tim Tebow the quarterback and now EX-Patriot Aaron Hernandez a tight end. It’s a somewhat humorous thought since we are not sure what the New England Patriots have planned for back up quarterback Tim Tebow being used in a more gadget role or possibly tight end the one think we do know is that bill belichek loves how Tim Tebow runs with the ball using all his muscle and size.
Oh and madden 25 is rumored to have Tim Tebow line up as a tight end.
Madden gods have spoken.
Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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