Rajon Rondo is Ready to Take the Helm of the Celtics



Over the last couple of weeks, the Boston Celtics have been through many significant changes. Doc Rivers left town, Kevin Garnett and the 15-year Celtic Paul Pierce were traded away, and now instead of easing into it,  the Celtics are in the midst of a full-blown rebuilding phase. And while there may be some uncertainty with the team at the moment, one aspect remains set in stone. This is Rajon Rondo’s team now.

Rondo has been the center of trade talks over the last couple of seasons, and while there are many different reasons as to why his name kept coming up, all that matters is he is still currently a Boston Celtic and will remain that way for the foreseeable future, according to GM Danny Ainge.

The question that was being asked years ago and still is today is when the “Big Three Era” was over, could the Celtics build a contending team around Rondo? Well that time has finally come, and all signs coming from the Celtics organization say they are sticking with their All-Star point guard. There are even reports that say Rondo is on board with the rebuild and he has advice for Danny Ainge on moves to help the roster.

You would think a player like Rondo who has enjoyed playoff runs and contending for titles pretty much since the start of his career, wouldn’t be so quick to jump on board with a rebuilding phase. He might even request a trade into a better situation, but it seems that Rondo is all for taking on the challenge of guiding the new-look Celtics.

He is the perfect player to start to put pieces around, a pass-first point guard. That mentality will help develop any players Ainge puts around him. At the same time, we all know Rondo is capable of putting points on the board himself as well. In the past he has be criticized for looking to assist too much instead trying to score, but now couldn’t be more of a perfect time for him to go on another assist streak.

Help Jeff Green continue to ride the wave from the success he had coming off of last season. Help Jared Sullinger rebuild his confidence on the offense end. Please help remind Avery Bradley of his role as players who can attack the basket. Help the Celtics rebuild and play as a contending team.

Rondo is in full control now, and I get the feeling he likes it a lot. Does he miss his older brothers in KG and Pierce and a head coach like Doc? I fully believe so. But Rondo is an All-Star and when he’s healthy he’s capable of being the top point guard in the league. If he can take charge and lead a rebuilt Celtics team back to being contenders in the Eastern Conference, one day we will be looking up into the rafters and seeing #9 right next to #34.


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