Rask Primed for Lucrative Pay Day


Bruins standout net minder, Tuukka Rask, is seeking a sizeable salary increase this summer. Joe Haggerty of CSNNE.com reports that Rask is seeking a deal that would pay him roughly $39 million dollars over the course of six-years.

Those figures are a just a reported starting point for the negotiations. Rask and his representation are basing those figures off the contract Carey Price of the Canadiens recently signed.

Don’t be surprised if Rask is able to wrangle up a deal worth $7 million per season. Pecca Rinne is set to make that in 2013-2014 for the Predators. Conflicting reports kicking around suggest Rask has already asked for such money.

Rask is a restricted free agent and does have a ton of leverage when it comes to the negotiations. His stellar play throughout the regular season and dominate efforts in the playoffs mark him as a prime candidate for a huge contract. Based off the words of Peter Chiarelli, Boston is likely to do anything in order to get him signed long term.

“Well, you’d like to get everything done quickly,” Chiarelli said about Rask. “I don’t know if I’ll have that luxury, but certainly I’ll try just so you have your certainty on your team and cap and all that. Rask obviously had a terrific playoff and we’d like to get him done as soon as we can.”

The Bruins and Rask’s agent Bill Zito will be meeting at the NHL Draft to discuss the contract. Rask established himself as a proven, successful, number one goalie in the NHL. Expect Zito to be pushing hard, with that as his main bargaining chip.

Rask would really likely to stay in Boston long term and has high hopes of agreeing on a deal.

“That would be an ideal situation, I think to play here forever,” Rask said. “I hope we can make that happen.”

Frank O’Laughlin – Senior NHL Contributor – TitleTown Sports Network

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