From a Sox Fan to Celtics Fans: It Gets Better

Photo credit: ESPN

Photo credit: ESPN

To all Celtics fans:

Right now you may not know what to think.  You just lost Doc Rivers, your beloved coach of 9 years to coach the L.A. Clippers. Not a week later you lose Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. You may feel a bit lost or depressed, feeling like the players and draft picks you got back were lousy, or not what you wanted. Maybe you are angry thinking that this team is going to be horrible for years to come. Those feelings are understandable and justified. However, as a Red Sox fan, let me tell you something. It gets better.

After having a 9 game lead starting the month of September in 2011, the Red Sox collapsed. They lost 18 of their last 24 games and missed the playoffs after having  99 percent chance of making the playoffs at the beginning of that month. Shortly after that miserable last game ended, Terry Francona was pretty much shoved out the door. Francona, perhaps the all time most loved manager in Red Sox history was gone. Some Red Sox fans, (myself included) could not even fathom this. It hurt so bad to see the lovable character that had posted up on the steps of the home dugout at Fenway Park chewing giant wads of Bazooka for nearly a decade was gone. It was depressing. After dragging interviews on for a few months, the Red Sox hired Bobby Valentine.  Are you kidding me? This was not healing, this was more irritating than anything.

In 2012, the season was hell. There is no sugar-coating that. The pitching fell apart, big name players with big money and terms in their contract were playing heartless and lackadaisically. Injuries mounted. The bullpen blew endless games, and to top it off, the idiotic manager spoke poorly about and towards not only rookies but veterans as well. There was nothing to enjoy about the year. We all watched and wondered when the Red Sox will fire Bobby, but it did not happen. Then one August day, Red Sox fans got kicked in the gut, or so it seemed at the time. Instead of firing Bobby V, the Red Sox announced that Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and the amazing Nick Punto have been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for prospects and James Loney. It was like rubbing dirt in your eyes. The team we hoped would rebound next year, had been blown up. It was easy at first to feel like losing Gonzalez (Beckett and Crawford were blessings) was the worst thing that could have happened to the fans. The term rebuilding is a four letter word to any sports fanatic. Especially those of us who are fanatical about Boston teams. So Celtics fans, I understand what it feels like to have the proverbial rug pulled out from under your feet. But again, listen to me. It gets better.

After finishing 69-93 in 2012, The Red Sox canned Bobby V.  Something they should have done months prior, and I would have paid a large sum of money to be in the room to watch it. The Sox moved quickly to former Red Sox pitching coach and at the time manager of the Blue Jays, John Farrell. They made a trade and brought him in. They knew the character and respect he would bring to the club. After that, they went out and acquired players that possess good skills and even better personalities. They focused first on the morale and unity of the 2013 Red Sox. They took the opportunity that was given to them when the Dodgers took the drama filled players and the hundreds of millions of dollars left on their contracts, and the Sox ran with it.

Half way through this season, things are feeling normal again. Both the loss of Francona and the absence of the players traded away no longer stings. The Red Sox are leading the AL East, and have a ton of talent in the minors. The two young  players the Red Sox have from the big trade; Allen Webster and Rubby De La Rosa, both have very high ceilings and are not far from being ready to contribute largely for this team. The Red Sox are no longer weighed down by their payroll nor the Luxury Tax. Things are looking up. Just to be above .500 most fans are much happier. This was supposed to be just a bridge year for the Red Sox, and things are going much better than anyone predicted. It has gotten better. Celtics fans, rebuilding is never fun. In most cases, it is not as quick as the Red Sox rebuild has been, but it could be. The point is however, that in due time you will be happier with how things go. Rookies will contribute, new legacies born. If the Celtics are really bad, like the Red Sox were last year, it will make you humble and more appreciative of the team when they do start winning again. Before you know it the Celtics will be back in the thick of it all. So from this Red Sox fan, to all of you who are Celtics fans, believe me, it gets better.

Tyler Moore- MLB Contributor-Title Town Sports


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