Middlebrooks Has Shipped Out of Boston

willToday, the Red Sox announced they optioned starting third baseman Will Middlebrooks back to Pawtucket. The move was unsurprising and had been expected to be made at some point over the current Red Sox home stand. Before being sent down to Pawtucket, Middlebrooks hit a cool .192/.228/.389 with 9 home runs. In the month of June he was hitting just .138/.194/.276. With Jose Iglesias coming up and hitting .429/.479/.565 in 108 at bats, Middlebrooks became the weaker link, and sending him down became the best option for all parties.

Middlebrooks is expected to see the bright lights of Fenway Park again, but not until he earns his place back. He will be out of the spotlight and be able to work with coaches against an easier playing field that will allow him to breakdown and adjust his swing, plate approach, and confidence comfortably without worrying about staying in the lineup or looking his shoulder. He has a ton of power potential, and when he gets back to the MLB he will show that.

This move shows that John Farrell and Ben Cherrington, along with their management team and front office, have their priorities straight. As a Manager and General Manager your job is to field a team with the best chance of winning. With how badly Middlebrooks had been hitting, he was not part of the best team possible.

Tyler Moore-MLB Contributor-Title Town Sports


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