Aaron Hernandez Will Not Post Bail.

Before we pass any sort of judgement and we understand that the facts are all laid out fairly well until the legal justice system finalised the process anyone who has not been labeled guilty should be presumed innocent.


Wednesday June 26 2013: 9:41 Police arrive at the home of Aaron Hernandez and immediately handcuff and arrest him. it was so fast that Aaron Hernandez did not even have a shirt on officials pulled one over him.

11:00 New England Patriots released the tight end from his contract as reports were not surfacing no one had an idea what the charges were this was a big sign that the New England Patriots had potential inside information of the charges.

Aaron Hernandez arrested at his home.

Aaron Hernandez arrested at his home.

Arraignment was scheduled for 2:00 PM where he was issued 6 total charges 5 of them being gun related. His bail was also declined due to strength of the case.

Aaron Hernandez arriving at court.

Aaron Hernandez arriving at court.


First Degree Murder

Unlawful possession of a firearm

 Possession of a large capacity firearm

As well as 2 other gun related charges.

New details and evidence found.

The tight end may have destroyed his surveillance equipment and cell phone but the police were able to recover a small portion of video where Aaron Hernandez is seen holding a hand gun and saying” You can’t trust anyone anymore.” This right before he and 2 fellow friends of Hernandez picked up the victim Odin Lloyd.

Rumors have it that Aaron Hernandez, Llyod and 2 others drove around for a while and questioned the victim on what he may or may not have said to company Aaron Hernandez did not like at a night club in Boston called Rumor. Odin Lloyd became shaken up and texted one of his family members and told then he was with “NFL” and followed that with”Just in case.” shortly after gun shots were heard coming from industrial park but no residents reported it moments after that Aaron Hernandez was seen with 2 others walking into his home.


There are reports that there may be video of Aaron Hernandez pulling into industrial park in his rental car. however this may just be a rumor.

Their were shell casing to the type of gun that was involved in the murder of Odin Lloyd found in Aaron Hernandez car.

Aaron Hernandez to his credit did have an F.I.D card however it had expired police found 5 firearms in Hernandez possession none of which were the murder weapon and we note to this point no murder weapon has been found.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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