Aaron Hernandez Under The Microscope.

The New England Patriots Tightend’s have been making all the headlines this offseason both good and bad. Aaron Hernandez the latest of the two to crack the headlines and he’s done so with a massive headline.


The New England Patriots star tightend Aaron Hernandez is potentially involved in a homicide. Numerous reports are flying around through the media and the story to believe is up to debate as details seem to be changing daily and new evidence every few hours although that is starting to settle down the case is very much alive and police and other law enforcement officials are doing there best to get answers.

With that being said here is a timeline of the events in prior days.

Monday June 17th : Odin Lloyd, 27, the semi-pro football player’s body was found by a jogger near at industrial park on John Dietsch Blvd in North Attleboro.

What pointed police and detectives to Aaron Hernandez was the victim Odin Llyod was dating Aaron Hernandez girlfriend’s sister as well as the fact there was a text message sent from Odin Llyod to a friend prior to his murder that some how linked him to being with Aaron Hernandez and two others.

Aaron Hernandez reportedly hired a professional cleaning service to come to his house and throughly clean it.

Tuesday June 18th: Hernandez’s is questioned & his house was searched regarding the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Odin Llyod Semi Pro Football Player resided in the Boston area.

Odin Llyod Semi Pro Football Player resided in the Boston area.

Wednesday June 19th: Reports that Hernandez shot a man in the face in an altercation outside of a strip club in Miami.

Reports say that this incident with Aaron Hernandez shooting a man in the face was settled. Reports stating that over 100k settlement was reached with an error in the paper works so the courts needed to re-look at the case and with the media digging for any information on the homicide this has been brought to the surface. These charges are no longer open no charges have been filed.

Thursday June 20th: Reports that Odin and Hernandez were together the night of the homicide.

The victim Odin Llyod and a connection with Aaron Hernandez has become more clearer. Odin Llyod was dating Aaron Hernandez Girlfriends sister also reports have surface that they and 2 accomplices were at a strip club in boston.

Coaches ask Hernandez to leave Gillette Stadium.

Multiple reports Aaron Hernandez destroyed home surveillance and cell phone.

media surrounds New England Patriots player's home Aaron Hernandez

media surrounds New England Patriots player’s home Aaron Hernandez

Friday June 21st; Arrest warrant prepared for Hernandez.

What a morning friday was for Patriots fans all over. The dreaded news of Aaron Hernandez arrest seemed imminent when a warrant was issued according to multiple sources and it was issued for obstruction of justice. This is just a rumor as no warrant or any information of obstruction of justice has been told as of yet(10:45 AM saturday morning). Some outlets claim an arrest warrant is prepared and that it is only a matter of time. We do not know for sure if the warrant will be issued or not.

Looking at the case through a different focus.

State Police searching for any information they can find at the crime scene.

State Police searching for any information they can find at the crime scene.

Aaron Hernandez is a star here in Foxboro and a key part to this year and the future of the Patriots offensive plans. The case so far seems Hernandez is only being speculated to be apart of this ongoing investigation. He still has not been deemed a suspect as well. The information pointing at him may look incriminating to anyone however if there was a pressing amount of information that Aaron Hernandez was involved we believe more than an obstruction of justice paper warrant would have been served in which that has not been served either.

There is a lack of any concrete evidence rumor’s are starting to build that a gun was found in a near by area of the body of Odin Llyod and that neighbor’s heard gun shots late in the night. Aaron Hernandez friendly neighbors and Patriot fans are holding on to hope that he didn’t do it but some neighbor had given video of Hernandez an 2 other’s entering his home awhile after they heard gun shots. No one reported hearing of gun shots.

The whole case seems at least to us here as more speculative than concrete so we would like to remind people and fans of the New England Patriots as well as the tight end Aaron Hernandez to remain calm and let the legal system work this all out also that everyone reserves the right to be innocent until proven guilty.

we will keep everyone up to date as more possible details emerge keep checking back to us here at TitleTownSportsNetwork.com.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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