The Bruins’ Ability to Bounce Back

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Yesterday the Bruins suffered a very tough loss during the overtime of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks snapped out of the gate, winning the battles that the Bruins did not. Chicago appeared stronger; they took advantage of the Bruins’ weak plays, and were able to gain control of the puck.

Early on in the game, the Blackhawks scored on a shorthanded attempt that completely shifted the momentum. The Bruins were down early, but they were not out. Instead, the B’s remained calm and responded back. Rich Peverley was awakened as he scored his first goal since the Toronto series, and the game was tied once more.

The Blackhawks appeared the stronger team of the two. They were able to capitalize off of all of the Bruins’ costly errors. When the Bruins tried to battle back, they left some holes in their defense. This allowed for the Blackhawks to take control and win despite the fact that the Bruins had tied up the game multiple times and eventually pushed it into another overtime.

Throughout the night, there was a lot of back and forth play on the ice. The Bruins erased two goal deficits, twice during the night. But, that just wasn’t enough. Despite the Bruins losing, there are some positives that need to be taken away from the game.

An important aspect to realize is that the Bruins are not a team who gives up. The B’s are a group of men who battle onward. They don’t let one rough game shake them. They are a team that remains focused and looks at the positives. The Bruins are willing to learn from the mistakes that they made in one game. Once they learn from those mistakes, they move forward and have the ability to bounce back.

Bouncing back is a big part in any sport. There are many games, and it is impossible for a team to win every single one. A good team like the Bruins realize what they need to take from each game, and do so. Game 4 will quickly become a game in the past for the Boston Bruins.

One thing you will not see from this Boston Bruins team is them giving up. Although the Bruins were down yesterday, they fought harder and were able to even up the game several times. They played until the final buzzer of the game, and into overtime. They continued to push the Blackhawks despite several weaknesses in their defensive plays. The Bruins have transformed since Game 7 in Toronto, where they battled back to move on and continue deeper into the playoffs.

The mentality that the Bruins have is one that a good team needs to have. They know that they can’t give up, and they won’t give up. This characteristic follows them game after game.

When Saturday night rolls around, the Stanley Cup Finals now becomes a best out of three games. The Bruins have a very good chance of winning against the Blackhawks, if they are able to prove to everyone that they can bounce back like they’ve been doing.

Rachel Murphy – NHL Contributor – TitleTown Sports Network

Follow along with Rachel on Twitter: @rembostonsports

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