Doc Rivers Burning Bridges He Won’t Be Able To Repair


With all the uncertainty surrounding the Celtics in this offseason it has hit the peak and with all that has been said and done one thing that most Celtics fans haven’t thought about was the fact that the leader the voice and the man who leads the storied franchise into battle every night, Doc Rivers has made it apparent that he is no longer happy here in Boston and has expressed serious interest in coaching away from Boston and particularly in LA.

Now before you say how can you be a Celtic but want to coach the
Lakers, that’s not the case yes we are talking about the LA Clippers yes the mere fact that we are negotiating with the clippers is a shock in itself. With reports surfacing that the Celtics and Clippers are in negotiations and today as far as having a deal done within minutes you’d seem to wonder what are the reason’s Doc doesn’t want to coach here in the city he says he loves so much. With the reports getting more serious day by day and closer to a possible deal at the end of every day we come to a halt and the same deal that was proposed and almost complete is then said to be at a hold.

Either way in the case of Doc Rivers he has burned his bridges with Boston or there’s a few ways to look at it here one is from his view, he’s been tested plenty these past years with trying injuries to key players a tight payroll and aging players and now an early exit from the playoffs it seems like this team is bound for a rebuilding phase, which is correct but bolting when times get tough must’ve not been on Doc’s mind when he inked his 5 year contract becoming one of the highest paid coaches in professional sports Must have slipped his mind while signing his signature.

As a player how can you gear up for battle and give everything you have as a player and sacrifice for someone who doesn’t want to be here , and let’s face it kids Doc Rivers is not happy here anymore judging by his recent decision to head to the Clippers it should be enough evidence. Being your leader and main cog in bringing in new players and the development of its core players Doc Rivers has had his hand deep in Boston’s heart and with his actions gave a big F%$% you to the city and this team. If we thought our injury troubles were tough times last year we’ll see how a group of core players react to a coach who doesn’t think they are capable of winning and or competing in general. At this point it’s safe to say whether he is traded to the Clippers or not Doc Rivers has coached his last days in Boston. I fully expect Danny Ainge to find a way to part ways with Rivers if he doesn’t walk like most people see him doing and heading into the tv booth or spending time with his family.

At the end of the day Rivers has done nothing but help bring this franchise back to the top winning a championship and appearing in two finals and being a top team in the east for the past few years his recent decisions aside Doc Rivers will go down as one of the best Celtic Coaches of all time and one of the main reasons for the Celtics resurgence. Due to the hardnosed nature of this city he will always be remembered as the guy who gave up and not the guy who gave it all up for this team.

Adam Rioux – Celtics Insider  – TitleTown Sports

Host of “The Jungle” at TitleTown Sports Radio Network

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