Celtics-Clippers Deal: Stalled or Still Afloat?

Doc and KG


A blockbuster deal that would allow head coach Doc Rivers to leave for the Los Angeles Clippers, along with trading Kevin Garnett in exchange for DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, and one or two first-round draft picks seems to have come to a halt. Or has it? The summer saga continues as Doc’s future with the Boston Celtics is still in question and rumors still circulate.

The biggest rumor of them all is this deal that has been purposed between the Celtics and Clippers. If Doc really wants to be let out of his contract to go coach elsewhere, there is no way GM Danny Ainge  wouldn’t look for some kind of compensation for his team in return. In this case, the Clippers are reportedly willing to give up Jordan and two first-round draft picks for the rights to Rivers and Garnett, but the Celtics also want Eric Bledsoe involved as well. A player the Clippers are unwilling to give up in this package. This is the reason why the current deal is supposedly dead or maybe on hold. Another key factor that would need to be in place in order for this trade to be successful is Garnett would need to waive his no-trade clause and KG is reportedly willing to do so as long as he can stay with Doc.

Even with these rumors being tossed around daily, nobody from either organization has come out to either confirm or deny anything. One would assume all it would take to end the current rumors is Doc Rivers coming out and saying he is under contract with the Boston Celtics and this is where he will be next season. The fact that Doc still hasn’t come out and spoken on his future makes people definitely believe there is truth to this purposed major deal.

Some also have to think if this deal doesn’t go through and Doc stays in Boston, how would Celtics fans or even the current players feel knowing that the head coach just tried to abandon the team. Doc’s main issue seems to be he does not want to go through another rebuilding process and only wants to stay in Boston if Garnett and Paul Pierce are returning.

With the NBA Draft less than two weeks away, look for some type of conclusion to come from this situation and Doc Rivers future to be determined in the upcoming days because you would assume no team wants to go into the draft or even free agency without a head coach in place.


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