Doc Leaves Celtics in Limbo


The Boston Celtics have once again entered a summer full of uncertainty. Going through a full-blown rebuilding phase, or bringing back the core pieces and try to make another run has been the question General Manager Danny Ainge tries to figure out for the last couple of off-seasons. And with a very short-lived playoff run, this off-season hasn’t really been any different except for one small factor. Head Coach Doc Rivers has not confirmed he will be returning for the 2013-2014 season.

Ever since Doc signed his contract extension in 2011, at the end of the last couple of seasons he usually takes time away from basketball to clear his mind from a long season but within a few weeks or so it is always a sure thing he will be back and then him and Danny go on their pursuit of draft picks and free agents. This off-season, while Danny has said he fully expects his head coach to be back without any hesitation, Doc has remained very quiet on his future plans.

Some reports believe Doc his hesitant to return to the Boston bench due to the possibility of the Celtics going through a rebuilding phase, which Doc has already dealt with earlier on in his tenure as head coach. If Doc knew for sure that Paul Pierce would be returning and Kevin Garnett definitely wasn’t going anywhere, it would probably be real safe to assume he would be back without a doubt.

With the NBA Draft only weeks away, it has been said Doc Rivers is still leading all of the Celtics pre-draft workouts which is a very good indication that he would be back, but the most recent reports have made it seem otherwise.

According to many sources, The Los Angeles Clippers and Doc Rivers may have mutual interest in filling their open head coach position. It was also reported that the Celtics denied the Los Angeles Clippers’ request earlier this week to talk to Doc about their head coaching job.

There are a lot of unanswered questions left with these reports and with everyone staying quiet, especially Doc, there isn’t a clear understand of the future of the Celtics. Doc has previously stated he will speak on his status in the near future, but one fact that remains is that he is still under contract with the Celtics for another three seasons. Most Celtics fan are starting to accept the reality that one day Pierce and KG will be gone due to retirement, but nobody imagined the possibility of losing Pierce, KG, and Doc all at the same time.


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