The Red Sox Reinforcements Have Returned

victornioOn Saturday, June 8th, The Red Sox activated RF Shane Victorino from the DL. While in Pawtucket, Victorino went 2 for 4 with one home run and an RBI. With his return, the Red Sox get their two hole hitter in the lineup back to normality. With the Red Sox activating Victorino, Jackie Bradley Jr. has been optioned back down to Pawtucket. While up for the second time this season, Bradley showed slightly better success including hitting his first major league home run. He did however show that he does need to change his approach. In an interview he said he is not a video prepper, meaning he does not want to watch video to prepare for the game against the starting pitcher of the day. This sort of mentality works fine in spring training but does not work for regular season. Pitchers are not typically working on their pitches during games like they do in the spring, and they will exploit a hitters weakness. This is the area Bradley Jr. will need to show improvement before he can prove he is ready to take over the reigns at the MLB level.

On Monday, June 10th, the Red Sox reactivated 3B Will Middlebrooks from the DL. It has yet to be seen if Middlebrooks can come back and be as will-middlebrooks1productive as is expected of him. While in Pawtucket on his short DL rehab stint, Middlebrooks hit .294/.429/.647 with 2HR and 6RBI. He did what he needed to do in order to be brought back up quickly. One would have to think this hot streak in Pawtucket should carry over to some degree. He will need it to  carry over with Jose Iglesias still hitting over .400 in his first 22 games of the season. Iglesias’ glove and bat could spell less playing time for Drew and Middlebrooks should either of them struggle at the plate. To make room for Middlebrooks to return to the Red Sox, Pedro Ciriaco was designated for assignment. On the year, Ciriaco had hit .216/.293/.353 in 28 games with the Sox. Those numbers are not enough to provide the needed depth on the roster that the Red Sox need. Especially when you take into account he has made 7 errors in those 28 games split between 3B and SS. With Brock Holt in Pawtucket, and Iglesias now playing the infield utility role with the Red Sox, Ciriaco is now excess, and completely expendable. In 2012, Ciriaco gave all Red Sox fans a bit of hope and glee watching him tear apart the Yankees in somewhat ridiculous Benny-Hill-esc fashion. That magic seems to be gone though, and it is highly unlikely that he will find himself back on the Red Sox active roster in the foreseeable future.

Tyler Moore-MLB Contributor-Title Town Sports

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