Spurs and Heat Set to Square Off In NBA Finals


So the 2013 NBA Finals is finally set. It will be the San Antonio Spurs taking on the Miami Heat in a matchup of two veteran ridden past champions. The Heat just barely eliminated the Indiana Pacers, while the Spurs swept the Memphis Grizzlies with ease. Star power will be out in full force, as each club possesses some of today’s NBA greats.

We all saw this coming and frankly some of us probably wanted it! Miami has had these playoffs in the palm of their hands. They lose a game, come back and absolutely demolish the opponent. But has Miami had an easy ride? Bucks, Bulls and Pacers have all fallen short. Now they will be forced to knock off one of the most succesful clubs in the last decade.

Only time will tell whether or not Miami has bitten off more then they can chew in squaring of with San Antonio. These teams have three main superstars but one team has a better “click” factor and that’s Timmy Duncan’s crew. They may not be flashy like Lebron James and company but they win and that’s all that matters at day’s end.

The Spurs have been doing this for a long time and they know what they have to do to accomplish it. In my eyes the Spurs have two things that Miami doesn’t have. They have Coach Popovich and a deep, contributing bench. Miami does not utilize their whole bench in the least bit. When’s the last time you’ve seen Rashard Lewis play? What about James Jones or Joel Anthony? For the most part they only see action if Miami is blowing out the opponent. Miami uses Ray Allen Norris Cole Chris Anderson and Udonlis Haslim on a consistent basis.

The Spurs go deep into their bench on a nightly basis, in an effort to keep their top guns fresh. The Spurs understand their role and all pitch in. No doubt they are an admirable bunch. It’s fairly obvious that defeating the almighty Lebron is in no way any easy task. After all they are the defending NBA champions. But if there is a team that can dethrone them, it is the Spurs.

The edge here is going to the Spurs! This series will  come down to basketball IQ and who can draw on it the most. The Heat like to open it up in a run and gun manner. As for the Spurs, well, they stick to the basics and execute in top notch fashion, led by Mr.Fundamentals himself. Though all-in-all, this series promises to be highly entertaining at the very least.

Alex Costa – NBA Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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