NHL-NHLPA Agree on Mandatory Use of Visors For 2013-2014 Season


The NHL-NHLPA’s Competition Committee grandfathered in the mandatory use visors for the 2013-2014 season Tuesday afternoon. This initiative was passed with the majority of union members voting in favor of it.

The issues regarding the use of visors was brought to the forefront of debate league wide when New York Ranger defenseman Marc Staal was struck in the eye with a slap shot earlier this season. Staal was forced to sit out the remainder of the year and was fortunate to have kept his eyesight.

It’s the hope that these visors will drastically reduce the number of gruesome facial injuries across the league.

Though the ruling does come with one stipulation. Guys currently playing in the NHL without a visor will reserve the right not to wear one. Any player entering the NHL will be forced to wear one.

Now this change mostly affects the fighters of the league. Striking a shield could do series damage to the hand. Therefore new penalties will be levied against any player wearing a visor who engages in a fight that does not remove his helmet. 

 Frank O’Laughlin – Lead NHL Contributor – TitleTown Sports


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