No Go Victorino ( Health Update)

Shane Victorino (photo credit Boston Globe)

Shane Victorino (photo credit Boston Globe)

John Farrell announced today that Shane Victorino will not be coming back as planned mid to late week. Farrell stated that Victorino was not at 100 percent. He went on further to say :

“The one thing we’re being cautious with here is that based on experience having him come back and play successive games, he’s had a couple of setbacks prior to going on the disabled list. We want to make sure there’s a gradual improvement, which he’s showing, but to say he’s going on a rehab assignment tomorrow or the next day is probably premature at this point. So, we’re just being a little overly cautious given what’s transpired.”

This is a double-edged sword. The Red Sox could really use him back in their lineup getting on base and showing off that defense in the outfield. However, there is no point in risking a long-term health problem to get him back early. A longer stay on the DL will also give more time to outfield prospect Jackie Bradley Jr. to show if he has made strides while spending time in Pawtucket after he was optioned back down in April.

Farrell also clarified that the team is “shooting” for Ellsbury to be back in the lineup Tuesday vs the Rangers. Hopefully that date will be his return. Speculation would be that he goes to the DL if he is not feeling better by then.

Tyler Moore – MLB Contributor -Title Town Sports


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