Save your Stubs The Ticket Is Back, Garnett To Return for 2013-2014 Season


According to Boston Hall of Fame writer Jackie Macmullan all signs indicate that Kevin Garnett will return to Boston next season for another crack at that elusive Banner 18. This is the first News to drop of any type of significance with Paul Pierce still being in question and the teams desire to bring him back was all hindering on Garnett’s choice to return but as of today Macmullan is reporting that Garnett will in fact return to the Celtics for yet another year.

With an offseason of uncertainty looming there is a sigh of relief for Celtic Nation as they will have their emotional leader and still productive big man patrolling the parquet floor in the 2013-2014 campaign. With this decision the team is on both sides of the spectrum in the fact of bringing back you also bring back a older more mile ridden big man. But on the other side you bring in an elite defensive big man who on any given night can shut down opposing big men and also play a significant role in the team defense as a whole.

Lets also not forget that Kevin Garnett is also a member of the 25,000 point club and still has the ability on a good night to get you anywhere from 15-20 points and grab 5-10 rebounds so in theory your reloading for next year while keeping a core player intact who still can contribute on many levels.

Still the question remains what will Garnett be surrounded with? That’s where the question remains will Paul Pierce be returning? Will Rajon Rondo take his play to a whole new level and become the leader of this team? Will the Celtics make a move to fortify this team back to eastern conference supremacy and challenge the defending champion Miami Heat? All that is left to do is sit and wait and let the cards un fold but for Celtics fans this is like many of the past a very trying summer in its own scary beautiful way.

Adam Rioux – Celtics Insider  – TitleTown Sports

Host of “The Jungle” at TitleTown Sports Radio Network

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