Blackhawks Overcame More Than Just Detroit in Game 7


The Blackhawks thought they had the game sign, sealed, and delievered last night against Detroit, edging it out in the last minute on a Niklas Hjalmarsson goal. Though Chicago’s excitement was quickily revoked because of two whistled coincidental penalties, disallowing their go ahead tally. Brandon Saad was shoved into the benches by Kyle Quincey, resulting in an ensuing call.

The call on the ice infuriated the 19,717 in attendance at the United Center, as Hjalmarsson’s goal would have won it. Though the resilency shown by the Hawks in sticking with it and overcoming what should of been a regulation win with an overtime victory was truely magnificent. It was the incompetence of the referees that gave the Red Wings life. Their missed call nearly cost the Hawks a 3-1 series comeback and a deserving series triumph.

With adversity rearing its ugly head, Brent Seabrook and company remained calm like they had all season long. Instead of making a stink over what had unfolded, Chicago put their heads down and continued to dig until the game was once again theirs. They are a group with a great deal of experience and determination. They showed it in bouncing back against their bitter Original Six rival, Detroit.

Now only one team stands in their way from making a second Cup appearance in three years and it’s the defending champion Los Angeles Kings. The Blackhawks showed how special they really are Wednesday night. They overcame more than just the Red Wings, but a highly controvertial, game changing moment as well. Their ability to roll with the punches is what seperates them from the rest. Look for the Hawks to come out strong in the next round, as they will be highly motivated.

Bryan Bernard – NHL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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