Gronkowski’s Forearm Injury Cured, Another Surgery Lingers

The New England Patriots star Tight End has had a very public….to say the least off-season. The highlight of his off-season was his forearm which has had a number of surgeries. More recently and possibly more notably he will be having back surgery in the coming weeks.

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Houston Texans at New England Patriots

The what may seem to be a never-ending saga with Rob Gronkowski’s injury laden recent season’s seems it could take a turn for the worst. The New England Patriots are no stranger to his injury back round and notably his back which ultimately helped land him here in Foxboro later in the draft. He dropped due to chronic back injuries with a disc in his back. This however isn’t the same disc that he is having an issue with now.

The surgery is going to happen is roughly two week’s and is estimated to miss the start of camps but wont miss the season. This being brought to my attention i can only help but wonder…how does anyone know what exactly the time-table is and how severe it is until the surgery happens.

Hopefully this is the latest of his injuries for a while the boy just plays hard. We need him on the field maybe we should rethink P.A.T attempts and such but this weapon need’s to be out there he is a pure game changer.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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