Pacers May Have Discovered the Way to Stop Lebron James


The Pacers battled back and fourth with the Miami Heat last night winning, 99-92. More importantly, Indiana took it to Lebron James. They targeted their biggest threat, eliminated him from the outcome, and evened up the series.

How do you beat the Heat? It’s seems quite obvious, take out Lebron, literally. Lebron fouled out with minuets remaining in the 4th quarter last night. James had tied up the game just minutes before exceeding the foul limit. His premature exit sealed the fate of the game for his teammates. In successfully defending their homecourt, Paul George, Roy Hibbert, and company held the big three of the Heat to a lackluster 14-for-39 shooting.

Indaina relentlessly attacked the bucket and in the process got the “King” into foul trouble, doing exactly what they had intended to do. They controlled the glass all game long and won the battle for nearly every loose ball. Though the game was still up for grabs well into the fourth quarter. Each sided mounted runs, but it was the Pacers 7-0 run in the final minutes that earned them the victory.Surprisingly Lebron also got a technical which is something NBA fans don’t see.

Does it help that they were in Indiana? Of course. Regardless, the series is now tied at two a piece and they are headed back for a critical and crucial game 6 in Miami. Will Paul George and the Pacers dictate the pace of the game and put the Heat on ice? Or will Lebron James and the Heat cook the Pacers? We will find out tomorrow night.

Look for the Pacers to drum up an identical game play and utilize a similar attack. Miami is vulnerable when facing foul trouble. Indiana undoubtedly has the weapons at their disposal to push the Heat to the limit. Taking the series lead would be huge, as they strive toward a Finals birth.

Alex Costa – NBA Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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