Celtics Live To Fight Another Day Extend Series Back To Boston for a Game 6


After coming out of the gate tonight and getting down to a 11-0 deficit  to start the game and in a crucial game 5 with win or go home being the theme for the Celtics it looked as if they were on the way to heading home with their heads between their legs and fall into defeat. That was not the case Boston came storming back from that 11-0 hole and put together one of the best games they have come out with this series.

In the days before this game 5 contest Bench player and touted big mouth of the Knicks told his team that he wanted the whole team to wear black clothes because tonight’s game 5 contest would be the Celtics funeral and the last time we would see the Celtics which we all now know was not the case because the Celtics came out with a different fire tonight than the past games in this series.

As well suspended guard J.R smith who served his suspension last game for throwing an elbow into Jason Terry’s face had a lot to say during his day off and when asked about Jason terry Smith was quoted as saying “Jason Terry ? I don’t know who that is, no clue who he is” taking a clear shot at Terry and hinting toward the fact that in his mind Terry didn’t matter which again for the Knicks another fault on the heels of there big mouths with Terry scoring 17 points tonight with a slew of 3 pointers and some great hustle.

Giving Terry’s play the last two games makes me think Terry took Smiths comments to heart and came out and displayed a real 6th man performance. Out of the gate Paul Pierce struggled missing his first 6 shots coming out of the 1st quarter the truth began to heat up also like Terry connecting on several three’s and a few of his trademark midrange jumpers. From top to bottom the Celtics came together with big performances from Brandon Bass and Terrance Williams, Bass with yet another night of incredible defense on the Knicks scoring machine Carmelo Anthony was near perfect again Bass thus far in these early playoffs has been the Celtics only answer to slowing down Carmelo Anthony and as well Brandon has been getting his offense off and running here.

Yet again we go back to our bread and butter our hero our heart and soul our leader and our savior Kevin Garnett who as he always has when Boston needs him and is on the verge of defeat he comes up big and continues his path of greatness. Garnett’s value is so valuable to these Celtics with this game Garnett recorded 16 points 18 rebounds 5 assists and 2 blocks this game is the third game Garnett has recorded 17+rebounds and the first time in the Kevin Garnett era he has done that feat. As well with that rebounding performance tonight Garnett is now averaging 14.4 rebounds per game this series and is leading all NBA playoffs in rebounding.

Again when the Celtics needed crucial buckets Garnett came up big connecting on a mid-range jump shot with less than a minute left with a 5 point lead and gave the Celtics a 7 point lead eventually being the dagger in this game and then won the foul game. As the Celtics make progress on doing what no team in NBA history has done and come back from an 0-3 deficit and are heading back home to Boston to embark on the game 6 contest in the garden.

With all the talk from Knicks camp about funerals and the not knowing of who’s on the other team the Knicks have a tough task to stop the surging Celtics and as for the Celtics they still are down 3-2 and are still fighting here and need to put this game behind them and prepare for game 6 in Boston so for now the Knicks can park the hearse in the garage and send their black outfits to the cleaners.

Adam Rioux – Multi Sport Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Host of “The Jungle” at TitleTown Sports Radio Network

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