The JET Soars and The Celtics Fight Off Sweep In Game 4


Heading into game 4 down 3-0 to the Knicks the Celtics seemingly were on their way to being swept by a team that at the beginning of the series was touted to be a dog fight for 7 games. Out of the gate that was not the case. But today we seen the Celtics team we all have been waiting to see the Celtics exploded and came out of the gate with a fire that we had not seen in this series.

Boston came out and dominated the first half getting up by 20 at one point, but as expected the Knicks came hard with a run and inevitably tied the game up the Celtics had a terrible third quarter where Knicks PG Raymond Felton went off for 16 points in the 4rd quarter essentially out scoring the entire Celtics team in scoring 16-14.

Throughout the game the Celtics at every turn had someone step up big coming from Jeff Green to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and now the moment the Celtics and all the fans have been waiting for the arrival of Jason Terry, as regulation came to a close and the score being tied and yet another horribly officiated game again with Boston’s key players with Garnett with 5 fouls going into the overtime and Brandon Bass who played some insane defense on Carmelo Anthony who tonight shot 10-35 tonight still scoring 36 points going 16-20 from the free throw line essentially scoring half his points from the free throw line mostly due to the fact that Brandon Bass stepped up huge and with his defense was what made it great.

Heading into the over time the Celtics looked tired and drained and when the Celtics needed someone to come up big and get it done and who rose to the occasion? Was the guy who sat back and said he was brought here to win games he was brought here to be a leader and to lead this team to victory when it matters most and that was Jason Terry who scored 9 points in the overtime including a pull up three in transition to give the Celtics the lead with time winding down. Terry was torn apart all season due to his lack of a presence on this team and just down right bad play.

But when it was needed the most Terry came up huge with the final 9 points for the Celtics and eventually sunk two free throws to ice the game in the overtime period and forcing the series to another game and avoiding the sweep in Boston. As the Celtics were on the verge of being swept the speculation has begun of the futures of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett going forward and looked at tonight’s game as maybe the last time we see Paul Pierce and Kg in Celtic uniforms, and that could still be true and if tonight was the last night of the era of Paul Pierce and Kg it was a damn good way to go out defending the Garden that has beloved them so much over the years and they repaid these fans with a valiant effort like they have for their entire time in Boston.

With all sentiments aside the Celtics will head to New York tomorrow and get ready for their matchup on Wednesday with the Knicks and are poised to make another run at extending the series to a game 6 back at the garden and try to do what no other team has ever done in NBA history and battle back to become the first team to come back from being down 0-3 to win a playoff series and if there is any team that can battle back its this Celtics team.

Adam Rioux – Multi Sport Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Host of “The Jungle” at TitleTown Sports Radio Network

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