Celtics Knicks Game 2 Preview and keys to the Game


After a disappointing loss in game 1 on Saturday night dropping a 7 point lead and not scoring a bucket in the final 5 minutes of the game. The Celtics head back into action tonight in Madison Square Garden against the Knicks. Boston looks to check the balance here in their opening round series after Saturday’s loss Boston is looking to who will come up big for this team and contribute in this crucial game in the series.

After having a stellar first half Jeff Green did what has haunted him all season he virtually disappeared and was a NON factor in the second half. As important as Jeff Green the key to the Celtics getting this game tonight is the play of Jason Terry, Terry was brought here for games like this he needs to step it up here especially in a crucial game like this Terry has had an awful season I think we can all agree on that but in his career he has proven he can play in big games and in this big game the Celtics will need Terry more than ever.

On the other hand Paul Pierce has assumed this role of the ball handler in the half court and if he shall take that role he will need to take care of the ball and not give away careless turnovers. On the other end the Celtics held the Knicks to 85 points which is a feat in itself with that high powered offense the Defense needs to stay at a high level here and the Celtics could benefit for pushing the issue on the offensive end and trying to run a little bit more the Knicks are at their worst when you play the game fast and that’s another way the Celtics can gain an advantage on the Knicks.

Tonight’s game is a crucial game for both teams with Boston looking to even the series heading back to Boston and the Knicks taking a 2-0 lead and heading into Boston confident as can be Tonight’s game shall be a dog fight as I expect every game in this series to be expect a big game from Paul Pierce and or Kevin Garnett when the Celtics have their backs to the wall they pride themselves in their ability to rally together and show what we all know as Celtic Pride and battle through the hard times.

Adam Rioux – Multi Sport Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Host of “The Jungle” at TitleTown Sports Radio Network

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