Celtics head to the big apple to take on Knicks



Now that the dust of the regular season has settled and the post season is upon us the Celtics find them heading to battle with a familiar but much more confident opponent in the #2 seed New York Knicks. Boston battled through more injuries to key players than arguably any team in the league and ended their 2012-2013 regular season with a 41-40 record and limping into the playoffs with some bad losses and still battling some injuries.

On the other hand the afore mentioned Knicks are coming off a couple of losses after being knocked off of a 18 game winning streak and with all-star and soon to be crowned NBA scoring champ Carmelo Anthony the Knicks look poised to give the Celtics trouble unlike the last time they played each other in the playoffs in 2011 the Knicks were a totally different team with their own injuries to key players. Eventually leading to a Boston sweep of the Knicks, this time the Knicks are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and are poised to make a run at an NBA championship.

Standing in their way? The gritty hardnosed Celtics who with their main cog and star Rajon Rondo out with a knee injury and rookie surprise Jared Sullinger who before injury worked is way into the starting lineup over old friend Brandon Bass as well losing spark plug energy man Leandro Barbosa to a knee injury as well at the all-star break everyone had just about counted the Celtics out and some had them bound for the lottery.

In 2010 the Celtics had the same type of season Kevin Garnett was in and out of the lineup and numerous injuries from head to toe Boston came into the playoffs being considered a weaker team and then we all know what happened the Celtics went on to making it to within 5 minutes of winning another NBA championship and second of the big three era. Am I saying Boston can repeat that same run?

I think they can replicate it somewhat whenever you can go to battle with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on your side you always have a chance to win and with the infusion of young talent and a few veterans who have proven they can play in the big games I think Boston can make some serious noise in the Eastern Conference. With Boston it comes down to three simple facts for them to succeed Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are going to have to be able to dominate the game and especially on the defensive end even though Boston has been a top tier defensive team at times this year they are no the stout defense that propelled them to a champion ship and a finals appearance in this big three era yes the Celtics are getting older yes Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are not what they once were.

But there isn’t one team in the Eastern Conference that wants to see Boston even the Knicks. With all this being said Boston heads to New York for a Saturday afternoon showdown in the mecca of basketball against the Knicks. This game should be a dog fight and id expect nothing less from these two teams who as of late have grown a hatred toward each other not like many so as we settle into bed and call it a night after a long week here in Boston on Saturday we have something that can ease the pain of the tragedy we faced this week and that’s a Celtics opening series win against the New York Knicks.  Boston will play with a chip on their shoulder and want to give the hometown faithful of Celtic Nation a superb effort and show why the sports teams are just as strong and can battle through anything just like the loyal fans that watch them play every day. It will be special as well with the uncertainty with Pierce and Garnett getting up there in age you never know when it will be their last playoff run so with that said we need to embrace this playoffs because it could be the last for the Captain and The Big Ticket.



Projected Staring Lineups

Boston Celtics

Avery Bradley

Paul Pierce

Jeff Green

Brandon Bass

Kevin Garnett


New York Knicks


Raymond Felton

Pablo Pirigoni

Iman Shumpert

Carmelo Anthony

Tyson Chandler



Adam Rioux – Multi Sport Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Host of “The Jungle” at TitleTown Sports Radio Network

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