Bone Spurs Could Be Bad Sign For Garnett And The Celtics


Two weeks ago Celtics fans were assured that Kevin Garnett was taking a rest due to an ankle injury. Now with those two weeks slowly coming to an end there’s talk of a little bit more than ankle soreness for Garnett. In a pregame interview with Jackie Macmullan Doc Rivers told Jackie “It’s a bone something, a bone spur that just needs to relax and calm down. I think that’s what it is. It’s his ankle. If we were in the playoffs tonight, Kevin would absolutely be playing.”

With that being said last year Ray Allen was troubled by bone spurs in the playoffs and for much of the year and wasn’t able to contribute much of anything in the playoffs for the Celtics. Given the fact Doc has said he is fine and did participate in some team activities the past few days you can never be too sure what the real issue is with a Kg injury.

In 2009 Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers though Kg would be back in a few weeks but little did they know it would take him almost a full calendar year to get back to full form. Again we as Celtics fans are sitting back awaiting the news of Garnett to have more than just a sore ankle injury. On the other hand it could just be some ankle soreness and the big fella who is targeting Friday as a return date just two weeks after their first announcement of Garnett missing time.

Either way the Celtics need a Healthy Kg to make any type of noise in the playoffs with their depleted roster along with inconsistent play Boston has been virtually counted out and has been pegged to not make it out of the first round. The Celtics themselves have other plans with a healthy Garnett the Celtics fully believe they can contend with anyone in the Eastern Conference and that is a fair case given that Boston knows how to win in the big games and honestly the east isn’t a scary sight aside of the #1 seed and defending champion Miami Heat. With that being said Boston has no Choice with or without a healthy Garnett and or anyone else for the matter Boston is poised to show the doubters what this team is made of.

Adam Rioux – Multi Sport Contributor – TitleTown Sports

Host of “The Jungle” at TitleTown Sports Radio Network

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