Bruins Watch Iginla Slip threw the 5 Hole

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With the Bruins in need of a wing scorer and frankly a play maker to put them over the top. Earlier this week it looked like that’s exactly what they got when reports surfaced that the Bruins had traded for veteran wing man from the Calgary Flames in Jarome Iginla. Boston was on the verge of adding a veteran presence who still had plenty left in the tank to help the Stanley cup contending Bruins. Well that wasn’t the case less than an hour after reports had surfaced that the Bruins had traded for Iginla another report came to that the Pittsburgh Penguins had come in and they had traded for Iginla. With conflicting reports we sat and waited and sure enough the Pens had ended up having a better offer for the Flames and they took it. With Boston left empty handed and the fans feeling a bit of bitterness the Pens made a move that even more bolstered their already talented team. Head coach Claude Julien was asking if him or his players felt any bitterness and Julian was quoted as saying “He won’t find out (Iginla) until the end of the season whether he made the right choice or not, as for us if we had gotten him it would have made us better but if we didn’t we are still the same team, and There isn’t any bitterness from his team” with that being said it is clear Julien and the Bruins have no issue with it they understand this is a Business  With Boston In need of a winger and a defense man I don’t think this is the last time we have heard of the Bruins trying to make a move here to help bolster their already Stanley cup contending team.

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