Red Sox Owners try to pull another fast one


As I continue to write my usual blogs about my beloved Red Sox I try to be optimistic but enough is enough with the ownership team. This week the Res Sox ownership tried to pass off what was seemingly a good gesture by trying to undermined us Red Sox fans. They announced that for the month of April they will lower prices all around the ball park to grab attendance. The biggest price change was the beer prices, They chopped beer from $7.50/8.50 down to $5.00! It was noted that they also chopped the sizes from 16oz to 12oz. Another illusion that the ownership team was trying to give back to the fans but yet ended up just trying to fool everybody in “Red Sox Nation”. Here’s my note to the ownership team, Stop trying to buy us (the fans) back and just get back to giving us a winning team we actually enjoy rooting for instead of a “sexy” team and mislead beer prices.

Brendan Nadeau – Multi Sport Contributor – TitleTown Sports Network

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