Auto Club 400 Recap


This past Sunday was by far the most entertaining race of the season for the NASCAR sprint cup series. The racing was entertaining just as all the extra drama that came with it. Kyle Busch turned in a dominant race leading 125 out of 200 laps and stole the race in the final lap as rivals Joey Logano (who led 41 laps) and Denny Hamlin both crashed in the closing moments of the race. Hamlin was allowing Logano enough room in the final lap but Logano was seemingly still frustrated from the previous week where Hamlin and Logano were involved in a crash also. Logano went into Hamlin forcing him to hit the wall and Hamlin to have a scary crash into the inside barrier (which he was on the end of a fracture in his back due to the crash). Logano was involved in yet another incident with Tony Stewart in a late restart off a caution when Logano blocked Stewart from the inside to hold his position. Stewart took exception to this and went after Logano once the race was over. NASCAR did not hand down any penalties for Logano’s driving but it’s the other drivers that may hand down the punishment on their own. All of the added activities took away the true story of the day which truly was a very dominant Earnhardt type performance by the #18 car. As i stated earlier Busch was in the lead for 3/4 of the race but lost it on the closing laps when Logano and Hamlin began engaging in a heated race to the finish until Logano bumped Hamlin and Busch took the high outside lane to the victory. To sum it up ill leave you guys with Kyle’s press conference quote “I did win the race today by the way. That might be a story but its probably not”.


Brendan Nadeau ā€“ Multi Sport Contributor ā€“ TitleTown Sports Network

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