Patriots Q&A


With our revamped WR position, who do you think will end with the better stats.

-E. Gomes

Great question, If i had to give an answer based strictly on our WR. I think it’s fairly obvious that it would be Danny Amendola if he remains healthy. I also think that Aaron Hernandez may take more of a WR role this year. Due to the fact that in there 2 TE sets they can bring out Jake Ballard paired with Rob Gronkowski.

With their limitations at the WR depth chart, Next up would be no other than Donald Jones. Former Buffalo bill, In recent seasons he’s been Climbing the Depth chart for a variety of reasons. He’s signed with New England as an unrestricted free agent.

do you feel belichick can make our defense a top rated d in the league? if so what do we need?

-Brandon Getreu.

This is a tricky question as i feel our defense outside of the statistics is pretty good overall. I think Bill has made a potentially hazardous defense being so youthful. They lack the overall confidence factor you can’t simply teach it comes with age and experience. However to Mr. Belichick, these guys ranked 9th against the run. They are excellent on first and second down.

So to answer your question i do feel Bill can and sooner than later will. With filling the void at Safety with Adrian Wilson id say our top priorities should be an interior linemen or an outside hybrid defensive end that can drop back although it seems they may already have that in Rob Ninkovich.

do you think the patriots will sign victor Cruz?

-Samantha Patrick

Victor Cruz would be a welcomed addition to this Patriots roster. He can play slot or outside he is extremely versatile. How ever with a 1st round tender and needing a very lucrative contract Cruz seems like he maybe better off suited for New York. It doesn’t help that Cruz new agent Tom Congdon has a rift with the patriots staff since the Ben Watson deal.

Hey Patrick Judy Baker here, lol. My question is How many Superbowls will Tom Brady win before he retires?!

-Judy Baker

Hey Judy! i love this question. As I am one of the bigger Tom Brady fans. He’s at 5 appearances with 3 Superbowl wins 2 losses. I’d Personally like to see Tom go out like another great QB did in John Elway by winning 2 back to back superbowls and maybe and MVP. I’d Say Tom Brady could go to the dance one more time but there young defense is built to go the long term and should be well matured enough to carry the team defensively.

What are the pluses of adding Danny Amedola over Welker and what are the negatives?

-Ryan Martins.

This is a Fantastic question. I love that some New England fans are starting to be curious about the move rather than upset is Wes Welker departure. The physical difference in the height, Wes Welker is a favorable 5’9 while Danny Amendola is 5’11-6’0. The positives are there almost the same player in style. Amendola is a little more finesse while Wes is more rugged.  Danny is a tad bit faster at 4.55 while Wes is a 4.65 its not a huge margin it’s just some numbers. Danny will get you the more explosive play and Wes might get the Gareenteed yards.Age is also a factor as Danny Amendola is going into his prime and Wes Welker may be declining.

The negatives however are a little more severe. Wes Welker is durable and while i feel Amendola’s injuries are not severe he has a rep for being “fragile” Wes has hardly missed a game in his tenure.

Thanks for the questions everyone! Send us some new questions to be Featured in our blog.

Patrick Jordan– NFL Contributor – TitleTown Sports

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